The X Factor Top 6 Live Show Recap: Performances, Judges’ Comments & Telephone Numbers

The X Factor USA will air another live performance show of the second season tonight December 5, 2012. Each Top 6 finalist will be perform two songs. Tonight’s theme is the Pepsi Challenge for their first song and an unplugged one for their second performance.

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First Song: Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga
Judges’ comments:  LA liked the performance and thought it was really good and that he’s becoming a fan. Britney Spears disagreed and said it wasn’t good enough for this stage of the competition. Simon said CeCe is not worth a 5 million contract! And that her performance was too cabaret for him. Demi of course said CeCe did great and it was her best vocal performance.

Second song/Pepsi Challenge song: Ce Ce sings Katy Perry’s Part of Me
Judges comments: L.A. called it karaoke! He feels like a windshield wiper because one minute he likes her but the next not so much, Britney on the other hand found it very entertaining. Simon liked her defiance and said if she gets voted off, will he miss her because she’s a trier. Demi said CeCe has a lot of fans at home who will continue to vote for her.
To Vote for CeCe Frey:  1-855-THE-XF-01


First song: Bruno Mars’ Just the Way You Are
Judges comments:  L.A. Reid liked it and quipped that he was impressed that one of Simon’s groups can sing harmony. Britney Spears said hands-down, this was their best performance. Demi Lovato disagreed. She does not think this was their best and that they are a downgraded version of the Jonas Brothers from five years ago. Simon Cowell said these are young guys and the pressure is on them.

Second song/Pepsi Challenge song: “Forever Young” by Alphaville.
Judges comments: LA loved it and said they nailed it. Britney called it a super star performance and said she’s a fan. Demi liked it better than the boys’ first song but felt that they need to command the stage better.
To Vote for Emblem3:  1-855-THE-XF-02


First song: Justin Bieber’s As Long as You Love Me
Judges comments: LA loved that she showed restraint and did not fill song with vocal acrobatics.  He said what has always concerned him about her is how she’d handle herself as a recording artist.  Demi says Carly sang it better than Justin does. Simon says Carly Rose is an emerging star and that’s great because she’s really cool. Simon says he knows how seriously she takes this competition. This was one of his favorite performances.

Second song/Pepsi Challenge song: Beyonce’s If I Were A Boy
Judges comments: L.A. said as a judge and a mentor, he gets worried every time Carly Rose takes the stage. Bu he’s also a fan because she’s so talented. Demi said she is always phenomenal. She’d like to hear something up-tempo. Simon said don’t listen to a single word Demi has said. He thinks she is doing just fine and had a phenomenal night tonight. Britney said she is the definition of the X Factor and she finds her stunning.

To Vote for Carly Rose Sonenclar  1-855-THE-XF-03


First song: Adele’s Set Fire To The Rain
Judges comments: L.A. Reid said he still didn’t hear any harmony. He thinks they should be called Fifth Unison instead. Britney Spears said that is still trying to figure out what separates them from and makes them stand out than other girl groups. Demi Lovato heard harmonies but thinks two of the girls should be solo artists instead. Simon Cowell: “It’s pick on Fifth Harmony week.” Simon feels that the market lacks a girl group and they deserve a shot to make it to the semi-finals.

Second song/Pepsi Challenge song: Demi Lovato’s Give Your Heart a Break
Judges comments: L.A. heard their harmonies come through this time and called it their best performance. Britney said they were very good. Demi said it should’ve been their song because they sounded better than the original. She says Simon did a good job and they performed like a girl group. Simon said with FH, it is all about girl power and the show wouldn’t be the same without them.
To Vote for Fifth Harmony:  1-855-THE-XF-04


First song: James Brown’s A Man’s World
Judges comments: L.A. Reid said Diamond brought showbiz and attitude. And he likes it. He said she sang her butt off and it was great. Demi Lovato said Diamond took a risk singing a repeat song but it paid off. Simon Cowell  called it screechy in parts, but admitted she made up for it in the end. He wishes she had chosen a different song. Britney Spears is proud of Diamond and said she nailed and destroyed a very tough song.

Second song/Pepsi Challenge song: Diamonds by Rihanna
Judges comments: L.A. really likes her and this song but did not like her rendition of it. Demi thought Diamond did the song justice and looked like a star on stage. Simon said the second half of the song was better than the first half. It’s a very competitive top six but overall, he thinks she did well tonight. Britney said the song was made for her and Diamond is spectacular.
To Vote for Diamond White:  1-855-THE-XF-05


First song: Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On a Prayer
Judges comments: Britney Spears said Tate is getting a bit away from what he does best. She thinks he will be a huge country star. Demi Lovato said that even though Tate missed his big note, she will be buying one of his albums one day. Simon Cowell did not like the song. L.A. Reid disagrees.

Second song/Pepsi Challenge song: “If Tomorrow Never Comes”
Judges comments: Britney loved it. Said it felt like a Tate Stevens concert. Demi said Tate has a bright future ahead of him in this business. Simon: “Welcome back Tate Stevens to the competition.”  L.A. said Tate is back.
To Vote for Tate Stevens:  1-855-THE-XF-06

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