Carly Rose Sonenclar Rocks X Factor With ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ [VIDEO]

The X Factor USA aired its fourth live performance show of the second season tonight November 21, 2012. The top 10 finalists sang songs giving thanks to someone or something which inspires them. If you want a full recap/watch performances from tonight, click here.

CARLY ROSE SONENCLAR sang ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’, dedicating her song to her older brother for always being there for her. This girl can sing anything and turn it into a concert, even this song.

Judges’ comments. The judges gave Carly Rose a standing ovation, deservedly so. LA said, “Wow girl. You are an absolute force of nature. I don’t know where it comes from and when you least expect it, you pull out the bog one. You pulled out two big ones.” Demi said she needs to see a school ID to see how old she really is. She said Carly Rose must be an alien but she likes aliens. Simon said “You are the best alien I have ever heard sing.” Simon said he’s heard this song many many times and that was one of the best versions of that song he’s ever heard. He said “When I said to Vino he will be number 1, I changed my mind. You just blew the competition wide open.” Britney, “I agree with everyone. You are amazing.”
To vote for Carly Rose Sonenclar, Call 1-855-THE-XF-10 or 1-855-843-9310

Watch Carly Rose Sonenclar sing ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ in the video clip below:

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5 thoughts on “Carly Rose Sonenclar Rocks X Factor With ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ [VIDEO]

  1. Carly rose wins it all a. Vino 2nd and nate 3rd. Awesome performances. Cece. Your fried. Your beautiful though. Peruse a modeling career sweetie cause singing is not your thing. Sorry just keeping it real.

  2. There is so much talent, but Carly is the one I’m seeing with hit records….her voice is so unique. she’s got great timing and she’s creative with her choices.

  3. Carly Rose is the best. Cant stand Emblem Three they’re too goofy and too immature. CeCe seems fake as all get out too. Tate is great too.

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