An Injured Kristin Chenoweth And Kathy Griffin Play Around On Twitter [PHOTOS]

Kristin Chenoweth got injured on the set of The Good Wife last month and is at home recuperating.

Her good friend Kathy Griffin Tweeted Tuesday “W my injured pal @KChenoweth trying to nurse her back to health the way Maggie would.” The two then posted identical photos of their day together, showing their playful sides.

Kathy put it best, “Is it insensitive of me 2 ask a genuinely injured pal (complete w black eye) 2 do wacky poses?”

Wearing a neck brace, Kristin Tweeted back: “@kathygriffin stealin my TONY award biatch.” Kathy responded,  “Is @KChenoweth so delirious because of her injuries, that she won’t give me her Tony award? Why y’all, why?”

“She beat me up @KathyGriffin” Continue reading

VIDEO CLIP OF THE DAY: Kathy Griffin Makes Love Video For Justin Bieber


Inspired by “comic giant, Jim Carrey,” and his declaration of love for Emma Stone, comedian Kathy Griffin has decided to follow in Carrey’s creepy footsteps and declare her love for the one and only Justin Bieber. Griffin sure aims high.

Griffin at first offers her hand in marriage to Beiber but then says marriage is too messy and instead offers the teen to “go steady.” Griffin gushes to The Bieber, “You are all the way beautiful, even with those lesbian bangs.” She suggests a camping trip for the two of them, but then expresses her fear over what could happen to her “naughty parts.” In the end, Griffin finishes the love video beautifully by saying what every teenage girl in the world beliebs, “Justin, you are special.”

Griffin’s video comes across as comedy, whereas Carrey’s attempt, well, it’s still just creepy.

Watch Griffin in action for yourself:

Kathy Griffin: Knights Mario Lopez, Talks Leaked Topless Photos & Walks Off With New Beau – All In A Day’s Work

Spotted: Celebrity sighting of the day is Kathy Griffin and new beau at The Grove in Los Angeles on Monday April 25, 2011. Kathy was seen knighting Mario Lopez of Extra (in honor of her upcoming Kathy Griffin’s Insightful & Hilarious Take on The Royal Wedding) and then heading off to happily ever after with her brand new boyfriend….

Unlike other women in Hollywood who would think or at least pretend that leaked naked photos of themselves are scandalousness, Kathy was only too happy to talk about her recently leaked topless photos taken during her visit to Florida. She said that they were taken when she flashed a passing cruise ship while Griffin was staying with Gloria Estefan. Griffin said Estefan told her that she flashed passing cruise ships all the time and Griffin took it as a challenge. Except she found out later that Estefan was lying. OOPS!