PHOTO: Kasey Kahl Shows Off (In)Famous Tattoo

A Lot of you have been asking for pictures of Kasey Kahl‘s “Guard & Protect Your Heart” tattoo.

Well, here he is proudly showing off the tat he got during The Bachelorette to prove to Ali Fedotowski how serious he was about her. 
Unfortunately for Kasey at the time, Ali sent Kasey home the same week she found out about the tattoo. Actually, she didn’t send him home; she left him standing alone atop a glacier in Iceland as she and Justin “RATED-R” Rego (who was later found to have not one but two girlfriends back home) flew away together. Ouch.
But don’t feel too bad for Kasey. He has since moved on and is now madly in love with girlfriend Vienna Girardi who is quick to point out that Ali’s name is no where to be found on the said tat.
You can now watch Kasey on the second season of Bachelor Pad along with Vienna.
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