Katelyn Epperly Of American Idol Performs At The Grove [Video] EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

  Katelyn Epperly was just ever-so-slightly edged out of American Idol‘s Top 12 last season by some much less talented singers. Oh, what could have possibly been had she not been shockingly ousted some four months ago on March 11.

We will never know how far she could have eventually gone had she secured one of the all-important Top 12 spots for herself. Perhaps her voice could have helped avoid some of the dull drab associated with Season 9 after her and other notable early ousters.

I recently caught up with the extremely poised and beautiful 20-year old singer, songwriter and pianist when she performed at The Grove; Katelyn’s first show in Los Angeles since her run on Idol ended.

Ironically, The Grove is adjacent to the studios from where Idol is broadcast. That proximity did not seem to phase Katelyn as she gave one moving vocal performance after another, to an audience which continued to grow in size as Katelyn sang on.

I will let Katelyn herself tell you what she has been up to since her Idol days in this video interview:

You can keep track of her shows by following her on Twitter: @iamK_Epperly. Meanwhile, enjoy these videos; they are the songs she performed at The Grove July 18, 2010.  

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