The Voice April 15, 2013 Live Recap: The Battle Rounds Eliminations!

The Voice Season 4 starts the battle rounds tonight April 15, 2013. After weeks of blind auditions, coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira, and Usher will pair up their contestants to sing duets for their lives in tonight’s battle round premiere.

Each coach will start the battle rounds with 12 artists. Half of the artists will be cut in these rounds but the coaches have two steals which they can use to pick up contestants cut by other coaches. By the end of the battles rounds, each coach will have 8 remaining contestants.

LOOK BELOW for a live blog of tonight’s The Voice (4/15/13) and to find out which artists are cut and eliminated by their coaches.

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Team Usher! Pictured: (l-r) Jamila Thompson, Chelsea Monindroo, Michelle Chamuel, Jeff Lewis, Josiah Hawley, Vedo, Audrey Karrasch, Usher, Jess Kellner, Jessica Childress, Ryan Innes, Taylor Beckham, Orlando Dixon

TEAM USHER (tonight’s mentor Pharrell Williams):
Jess Kelner vs. Taylor Beckham
: The two duet on “You Know I’m No Good” by Amy Winehouse.
Judges’ comments: Shakira: She thinks Jess has a rich voice but Taylor has an angelic presence. She would choose Taylor; Adam: said Jess has a big and robust voice but he was just shocked by Taylor’s voice so, he’d pick Taylor; Blake: liked Jess because she was having a blast and nailing it. Usher said neither singer lit it on fire like he knows they can and it is only going to get harder from here on.
ROUND WINNER: Jess Kelner.
STEAL: Taylor Beckham is stolen! She heads on over to Team Blake. Blake said he told Usher to pick Jess because he liked Taylor and wanted to fool Usher into letting her go.

Team Blake Shelton! Pictured: (l-r) Back Row: Jacqui Sandell, Holly Tucker, The Swon Bros, Michelle Raitzin, Grace Askew, Blake, Christian Porter, Trevor Davis; Bottom Row: The Morgan Twins, Danielle Bradbery, Savannah Berry, Justin Rivers, Caroline Glaser

TEAM BLAKE (tonight’s mentor Sheryl Crow):
Holly Tucker vs. Michelle Raitzin
: The two will battle head to head on Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away”.
Judges’ comments: Usher thought both ladies stepped it up–they challenged each other and did  a great job. Adam: loved Michelle even though he thinks she lost her breath a bit in the end when she did a falsetto. He felt Holley had control over her voice and was powerful, he’d pick Holley; Shakira: liked both and said the battle was fierce; Blake: Is sick that he has to let go of one of these ladies. He said he was the only one who turned around for Michelle and she proved she should have been a four chair turn around. But Holley set the bar very high from the beginning and has stayed there. He said the contest was dead even and because of that, he has to fall back on what he does best and that is country music.
ROUND WINNER: Holly Tucker because she’s country and he can work with her best.
STEAL: Nope. Michelle Raitzin is eliminated.

Christian Porter vs. The Swan Brothers: The two dueled on “Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty. The Swan Brothers did another Tom Petty song in their blind auditions, so, they feel comfortable with the artist choice.
Judges’ comments: Usher gushed over Christian hitting a high note he was having difficulty with in rehearsals. He loved all of them and did not want to show favoritism when he gushed over Christian. Shakira had fun watching them. She said she’s curious about working with duos, so, she’d pick the Swan Brothers. Adam said Christian surprised him by hitting the high note. He thought Christian’s ‘strange delivery’ drew him more so, he’d pick him. Blake said Christian did hit the high note though he was pitchy elsewhere. He said Swan Brothers have a distinct voice. No one ‘took it from the other.’ Blake is going to stick with what he knows, and because of that….he picked the Swan Brothers.
ROUND WINNER: Swan Brothers.
STEAL: No one steals Christian Porter – he is eliminated tonight.

Team Adam Levine! Pictured: (l-r) Back Row: Sasha Allen, Patrick Dodd, Ryan Hayes (Midas Whale), Michael Austin, Judith Hill, Sarah Simmons, Agina Alvarez, Karina Iglesias, Jon Peter Lewis (Midas Whale), Warren Stone; Front Row: Duncan Kamakana, Amber Carrington, Adam, Amy Whitcomb

TEAM ADAM (Tonight’s mentor is Hillary Scott)
Amber Carrington vs. Sasha Allen: These ladies will duel on P!nk’s “Try”.
Judges’ comments: Blake Shelton: He loved both of them but found Amber to be a bigger surprise, doing a rock sing. Usher: He was impressed by both. He said the birth of an incredible talent happened tonight. Shakira: thinks the ladies are the best contestants Adam has and said she is happy she is not in Adam’s shoes. Adam Levine: He reminded us that he was the only coach who turned his chair around for Amber. Yet he loves Sasha too and she is a professional. He thought they were both inspirational.
ROUND WINNER: Amber! Sasha is up for a steal. Of course both newcomers Shakira and Usher want her because their teams are not as strong as Adam or Blake’s. They both ring in before Carson Daly can even announce that Sasha is up for a steal.

Judith Hill vs. Karina Iglesias: These ladies will duel on James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World”. After rehearsals, Adam is regretting pairing these ladies against each other because he will lose one of them. He thinks this is going to be one of the best duets ever on The Voice. OOH, these ladies are perfection to my ears!
Judges’ comments: Blake just shook his head. “I was freaking out, that was sooo good.” He said Judith’s been a favorite from the start. “My gosh sister, you brought it though,” he said to Karina. “Adam is really stupid for putting you two against each other.” Usher thought it was incredible. It was a battle that showed both of their talents and highlights, Usher thought. He thinks Adam is left with a very very very very hard decision. Shakira thought it was delicious that these two woman sang It’s a Man’s World and said it was a bad decision by Adam to pair this two against each other. She said she’d pick Karina. Adam said this was the best battle he’s ever seen on this show. He said he was called stupid by Blake and dumb by Shakira. Shakira disagreed and said she said it was  bad idea.
ROUND WINNER: Judith Hill.
STEAL: I wonder who will steal Karina Iglesias because you know they will fight over her.WHAT?! No one stole her?? As Karina was saying her thanks and goodbyes, Shakira rang in and stole her. So, Shakira used both of her steals to get two amazing artists from Adam. Well played Shakira, well played.

Team Shakira! Pictured: (l-r) Back Row: Brandon Roush, Garrett Gardner, Mark Andrew, Craig Perkins, Luke Edgemon, Shawna Pierce, Jason Ash; Front Row: Catherine Ochoa, Kris Thomas, Tawnya Reynolds, Shakira, Mary Miranda, Monique Abbadie

TEAM SHAKIRA (tonight’s mentor is Joel Madden)
Garrett Gardner vs. J’Sun: These two will sing “How You Like Me Now” by The Heavy.
Judges’ comments: Adam: He now gets it that Garrett is amazing; Blake: He thinks J’Sun has great stage presence and likes his falsetto. He says Garrett is inspirational, he used to be decent and is now great, so, he would pick him; Usher: He felt he was at a J’Sun and Garrett sermon but felt J’Sun won; Shakira: loves Garrett’s personality and charisma but thinks Jason could take any challenge. She said it’s torture picking between the two, but she has a soft spot for Garrett….
ROUND WINNER: Garrett Gardner
 NOPE! J’Sun is eliminated tonight. 

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