American Idol April 25, 2013 Live Elimination Results: Who Got Voted Off?

American Idol” airs a Top 4 elimination results show tonight April 25, 2013. Who is going home tonight? Who will get voted off and eliminated? What is the big twist that Ryan told us about?

COME BACK TO CELEBMAGNET STARTING AT 8 PM ET/ 5 PM PT for a live blog and recap of tonight’s 4/25/13 Idol elimination results and to find out who went home tonight on Idol.


- The top 4 girls sing Alicia Keys’ ‘Girl On Fire’
- We are no watching a video of the girls taking about the five things people do not know about them
-No results as of 8:20 PM ET
- Amber stand up to get some feedback on last night’s performances. Jimmy Iovine was not impressed by her ‘MacArthur Park’ performance and thinks she may be in trouble tonight (8:22 PM).
-Jimmy next tells Kree that she did not make good song choices which did not let her show the right amount of emotion (8:26 PM)
- Stefano Langone from Idol season 10 is performing ‘Yes to Love’. As always, the results are being dragged out (8:28 PM).
-It’s now Candice’s turn to be reviewed. Jimmy says Candice played it safe with her song choices. He thinks she needs to get more adventurous at this point in the competition, Drake then surprises Candice on stage and tells her he’s so proud of her rendition of his ‘Find Your Love”. (8:38 PM ET).
- Still no results as of 8:50 PM ET. THIS IS MADDENING!
-Lee DeWyze is back on the Idol stage to perform ‘Silver Linings’. I think they’ve forgotten the show ends in 14 minutes. STILL NO RESULTS!
-Wait a minute. I wonder if the twist Ryan Seacrest hinted at last night is that NO ONE will be eliminated tonight?!
-Jimmy tells Angie Jimmy thinks Angie that she belongs on the piano and that she should stick with it (8:54 PM ET).
-RESULTS TIME: Amber is sent to the far side of the stage. Angie is placed on the other side. Kree joins Angie. Candice joins Amber.  One side is safe and the other is in the bottom two. And guess what? We cut to commercial break (8:57 PM ET).
-Candice and Amber are in the bottom two. Kree and Angie are safe. AND AS WE CALLED IT, no one is eliminated tonight! EVERYONE IS SAFE! 
Ryan says that because the judges didn’t use the save this season, everyone stays to make up for the episode they saved for the save!

1. Candice Glover
2. Amber Holcomb

1. Angie Miller
2. Kree Harrison
3. Candice Glover
4. Amber Holcomb

NO ONE GOT ELIMINATED TONIGHT! Ryan says that because the judges didn’t use the save this season, everyone stays and gets a free pass through to next week to make up for the episode they saved for the save!

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3 thoughts on “American Idol April 25, 2013 Live Elimination Results: Who Got Voted Off?

  1. I can’t believe that they are pushing two of the best voices off Idol?! I like Kree but Im not a fan….Angie deserves to be in one of the finalist in this competition,and thats just that

  2. I loved the way they are totaling the scores of each of the four over the two weeks because it means depending on how they all do next week, anyone could go home. That is real excitement. Well, I’m glad I caught this episode of Idol this morning, on the train on my way to my job at DISH. I was glad I caught it because I love to talk about it when I get to work, and I’m too busy at home, so I use my DISH Anywhere app on my iPad to watch it in the morning. That helps me watch more TV since it fits in my schedule when I would just be waiting to get to work.

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