Who Got Voted Off American Idol Tonight? Our LIVE Results For 3/14/2013

“American Idol” will air a Top 10 elimination results show tonight March 14, 2013. If you missed any of the Top 10 performing, click here for a full recap of last night’s show.

Who will go home tonight? Who will get voted off and eliminated? Come back to CelebMagnet starting at 8 PM ET for a live blog and recap of tonight’s 3/14/13 Idol eliminations.

WHO ADVANCES ON AMERICAN IDOL: (The first three got the top 3 amount of votes, but we don’t know in which order. The rest are in order of # of votes received)

1. Candice Glover
2. Kree Harrison
3. Angie Miller
4. Lazaro Arbos
5. Amber Holcomb
6. Janelle Arthur
7. Brunell Taylor
8. Paul Jolley
9. Deven Velez

Curtis Fitch Jr. has received the least number of votes. He sings for his life…let’s see if judges save him. Nicki gets off her chair and is pissed, saying she will go home if he goes home. Curtis has finished singing and kills it…the judges are deciding whether to use the save or not. The judges have to be unanimous. The judges are not unanimous and will NOT save Curtis. CURTIS IS ELIMINATED OFF OF IDOL.

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-8:00 PM ET: Show starts. Phillip Phillip is on stage to open the show with our top 10. Also, Bon Jovi will be performing tonight.
-8:02 PM Jimmy Iovine says the girls are outperforming the boys this season. We new get clips of last night’s performances.
-8:07 PM time for results. Tonight we will know who are the top 3 vote getters. Ryan tells Deven he got 25% of the votes in Puerto Rico last night, making him #1 in his home territory. Janelle got 30% of her hometown votes of Tennessee. Candice who is from a small island from South Carolina got 42% of the vote from SC. Ryan announces that Candice is in the TOP THREE! He tells the other to to wait for their results.
-8:12 PM Top 10 perform Shine.
-8:14 PM Ryan takes Kree Harrison on stage and surprises her with an appearance by Mayor of her city of Woodville, Texas who presents her with a key to the city. Ryan then says Kree is in the top 3.
-8:20 PM Bon Jovi performs
-8:27 PM Time for sing off for the 13th spot on the Idol Tour. Charlie Askew sings first. He is now behind the piano and a lot less rocker looking than the last time we saw him on stage. He is going against Aubrey Cleland for the final spot on the tour. You can vote for them on American Idol app or on AmericanIdol.com.
-8:37 PM Phillip Phillips performs Gone, Gone Gone. After he performs, Randy gives Phillip a plaque for going quadruple platinum on his single Home.
8:41 PM More results. Ryan has Lazaro and Angie stand. In Florida, Angie receives 17% of the vote. Lazaro beat her in Florida. But Angie makes the top 3. Lazaaro sits down. Rest of results above

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