The Celebrity Apprentice 2013 Recap 3/10/13 All-Stars- Just As Simple As Making Soup

The Celebrity Apprentice” airs its second episode of the season tonight March 10, 2013 titled “Just as Simple as Making Soup”. If you missed any of last week’s season premiere, click here for a full recap.

Tonight, the teams must create a 3-D photo experience at Universal Orlando Resort in Florida. Come back to CelebMagnet starting at 9 PM for a live recap of tonight’s All-Star Celebrity Apprentice and to find out who got fired by Donald Trump!

Everyone returns to the suite after Bret Michaels gets fired and are told that they will board Donald’s private jet heading to Universal Studios in Florida. Dee Snider volunteers as Project Manager for Plan B and Omarosa steps up for Power. Let’s hope this is the end of the big O. She says she’s playing for her “late fiance, Michael Clarke Duncan’s charity”.

While boarding the jet, Omarosa says that she feels like Michelle Obama. Omarosa, I know Michelle O and you ain’t no Michelle O.

The winning team tonight will get $20,000 for their charity. Don Jr and Eric are set to meet the contestants in Florida. Trace Adkins will not take part in this task because he is on a country concert cruise. Why should he show up? He won a gazillion dollars for his charity last week. He can take a week off .

The teams must each create an interactive 3-D photo experience at Universal Orlando Resort in Florida. They would be graded on branding, creativity and overall fan experience.

Dee Snider wants his team to do a celebrity-focused theme because Donald Trump always tells teams they did not take advantage of the celebs on their teams. He wants life-size cut outs of each celeb wearing a different Disney character outfit.

Penn Jillette says it’s a gimme task for him because Universal has already done a similar thing for Penn & Teller. Gary Busey says Penn is a genius. Stephen Baldwin thinks Dee as PM is spending too much time listening to Penn and is running out of time. Marilu Henner thinks Penn’s idea of a floating head is great but sounds labor intensive. Dee realizes the clock is running out and that his team needs pictures to get inspiration. Gary says he can take pics but then does not appear to have a clue on how to use a camera. Marilu says, “Gary is nuts. He’s distracting. You always have to manage him. He’s like a Jack in the Box–you never know when he’s gonna pop.”

Dee’s team is frustrated because they spent so much time on the concept that way late into the day, they still have a ‘white’ design with no 3-d aspect. They’re running out of time to finish.

The next day, Dee and team arrive at their display which is 3-d cut outs of themselves and are happy with what they see. It actually is really cute. Dee is happy he did not go with Penn’s idea.

When the crowds come in, people seemed to enjoy themselves. Marilu then reveals that she has an autobiographical memory and can remember each day in her life. She starts spewing out facts. When Donald Jr. and Eric come, Dee says Gary is doing the best on site.

Omarosa has no clear concept of what her team should do–they all agree they want to focus on Despicable Me and Harry Potter. Omarosa sends Lil Jon, LaToya Jackson, Claudia Jordan and Brande Roderick to take pics at the park, without giving them a clear vision of what she wants. Omarosa who sent her whole team out bitches that her team is out eating cotton candy and whines that she’s left on her own with only Denis to tell the fabricators how to design her 3d. She insisted now on Superman in addition to Despicable Me and Harry Potter. The fabricators looked at her that it was too much to do. Dennis kept telling her she can’t do what she wants and it’s too much to do. “If we lose, it ain’t my damn fault,” Dennis warns her. “I want to push it to the limit,” Omarosa responds. Omarosa never tells her team to get photos of Spiderman. Claudia thinks O may be setting them up.

When the fabricators told Omarosa they’re having a hard time with her instructions, she goes off on them.

The next day, Omarosa and team arrive at their display and realize their globe centerpiece is not painted and the rest is not complete. So, part of team has to go get Spiderman trinkets  while the rest finish display. Omarosa realizes she’s lacking some Orlando and needs to actually get to work. LaToya feels like she will have to fight to the death to save herself if they lose.

When the park attendees come to the display, they seem to have fun. I hate to admit, this looks like strong branding for those three Disney movies. Lil Jon thinks they’ve done a good job because they have three separate displays rather than one. “Three is better than one.”

When the park executives came to Omarosa’s display, they noticed a long line of people waiting to take pics.

The two teams come before judge Trump. Dee says his team is great and they functioned well together. Marilu says weakest aspect of the task was time management. When asked, she said Gary was a distraction. Gary feels dejected. “There is always noises coming from you,” Marilu tells Gary. Gary disagrees and says everyone did well on the team. Lisa Rinna says she loved Dee as a PM. Donald Jr. reminds Dee that he said Gary was his best player. Donald asks if Dee would bring back Gary if they lose and Dee looked tongue-tied.

Omarosa said Denis did the worst on her team as far as creativity was concerned and that Lil Jon was her wing man. Lil Jon was giddy with joy. Brande said for her, this was too tense an atmosphere. Donald asked Denis if he finds Omarosa nasty and he says the only person he’s ever found nasty in his life is his mother! Claudia said Omarosa cracked a whip as PM.

Donald then shows each team the other team’s photo experience. Dee said he is not sure what the other team’s experience is. He admits it’s more creative but has no celebrity focus. Lil Jon interrupted and said Denis asked the execs beforehand if they use celebrities in their marketing and the execs said they focus on their own characters. DOnald Jr. says the execs also want to be able to use the display once the celebs leave. Gary then starts chewing his nails.

Omarosa says she’s underwhelmed by the other team’s display and harps on the fact that when Dee, Lisa and rest of Dee’s team leave, the display may not be as attractive.

Don said the execs liked the family fun tie in of Dee’s team. The execs thought it was too simple and did not have the full character effect. For Omarosa’s team, they execs liked the creativity and the long-lasting effect of the display. What they did not like is that “Orlando” was too small in the display and she should have focused more on details.

Before Don can say who won, Omarosa interrupts and tells Jr. that he really enjoyed himself at her display. Dee says the other team may have won on creativity but his team won on experience and branding. Before we announce the winner, Donald starts talking about how his hair is a comb back and not a comb over. Then he announces that Omarosa won! But does it after telling Dee: “Dee, congratulations, your team lost.” The execs and Donald liked Omarosa’s display a lot. Omarosa cried and started saying she misses her deceased fiance Michael Clark Duncan a lot.

Omarosa is still crying back at the suite. LaToya pours O some champagne but says to the camera she is using his passing as a card to manipulate herself to the top. She says a few of them are onto Omarosa’s plan.


When asked who’s fault it was that they lost, Penn said he has always said it’s the PM’s fault when a team loses, even when he lost as PM. Dee defended himself against not using Penn’s idea of a floating head because his idea was too big to carry out. Donald asked Dee if any one on his team spoke up and said this was too simple a design. Marilu went off on a tangent. Donald asked Dee if Penn should be fired and before Dee could answer, Donald said Penn should be fired because his idea was soooo good and he did not fight for it. “Penn, you’re fired” said Donald. Everyone looked shocked. After a while, Donald said he was kidding.

Donald then asked Dee who his weakest player is and Dee said Gary because his skill set is limited even though he was a star today. “He has no computer skills.” Back in the suite, Omarosa says Dee is going after the wrong person. Back in boardroom, Donald JR. reminds Dee that he said Gary was a star. Stephen said Penn’s idea may not have been implementable.

Dee wants to bring back two people who “are not a reflection on this task.” Donald said it should be task related. He then said he’s bringing Stephen Baldwin because he does not trust him since he saved his money sources on the first task. On this task, “he whispered” Dee said. He said he’s also bringing Gary because of his limited skill set. “It’s insulting,” Donald said.

Bad choices Dee…No way Donald is going to fire Gary who is fun to watch and was a “star” on this task. Stephen did nothing wrong on this task either. So, it will be THE PM who should be fired. Let’s see what Donald does.

While waiting for Donald, Dee apologizes to the other two for bringing them back in the boardroom. Dee reminds them of Adam Carrola being fired after falling on his sword last season and not bringing anyone back with him to boardroom. “Do what you gotta do Dee, we’ll do what we have to” Stephen said.

Back in boardroom, Donald asked Dee how he could lose on creativity with so many creative people on his team. Dee said a magic theme was not good enough but Donald Jr. said that theme would fit well with Universal.

Dee said if they lost because of creativity, then he should be fired. He said he likes the other two guys even though he does not trust Stephen. Donald says the other two did nothing wrong and he does not want to fire Dee but fired him anyway.


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  1. I agree w/ Latoya that Omarosa is acting with the crying. In the boardroom, her emotions seemed genuine as she has never won as project manager before, and it was for Michael Clarke Duncan’s charity. However, when she was in the lounge area crying it was VERY fake. I think Omarosa saw that others reacted when she cried in the board room and decided to keep it going. Omarosa keeps the drama coming and gives people a reason to tune in to see what diabolical prank she’ll pull next!

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