American Idol Recap For March 6, 2013: Top 10 Guys Perform, Telephone Numbers

“American Idol” airs another two-hour episode tonight March 6, 2013 and the Top ten boys will perform in front of a live audience for America’s votes! Who will stay and who will get eliminated? It’s all up to America finally!

Come back to CelebMagnet starting at 8 PM ET tonight to find out, live, what songs each of the Top 10 boys will sing tonight. We will also have a summary of the judges’ comments and the voting telephone number for each contestant. And, don’t forget, follow us on CelebMagnet via Twitter and Facebook all season for live results show and exclusive!


The 2013 Top Ten American Idol guys performing tonight are Charlie Askew, Curtis Finch, Jr., Paul Jolley, Elijah Liu, Devin Velez, Lazaro Arbos, Nick Boddington, Vincent Powell, Cortez Shaw and Burnell Taylor.

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VOTING PHONE NUMBER; 1-866-436-5701
SONG: Stay by Rihanna
JUDGES’ COMMENTS: Keith said he loved that he did that song, it suited his voice and he showed good control. Nicki “I think I would be willing to stay, you looked great…you looked marketable. I can see your face on blankets and posters.” Randy said he liked it more than he liked it last week. He thinks he’s current and marketable. But Randy’s problem was that it stayed in first gear and was so so. Mariah said she liked it a lot and it was one of his better performances. He was confident and it was a great song choice. She understood what Randy meant with the song not having an explosive end but she thinks he can be very sellable and his relevancy is his strongest point. She said there is a trend of singing intimate songs like he just did.

VOTING PHONE NUMBER; 1-866-436-5702
SONG: Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars
JUDGES’ COMMENTS: Keith said he loves his voice and his voice does not suit this song even though he loved his spirit. Nicki said he seemed hyped tonight and he had his mojo back. You enjoyed it and did not seem interested. “Whoever is styling Elijah, should style you. You should loo sexier, you were doing the sexy thrusts…” She loved his confidence and charisma but felt him straining. Randy said he should be down a half step on his high notes and he sounds straining. He liked the song for him, just not sure Cortez is there yet. “Do a leather vest, get streaks in your hair.” Mariah I have enjoyed your ballads most. Audience liked the uptempo song. She also thought he should have brought it down as Randy said. She hopes people saw his previous performances especially last week’s arrangement. “I don’t know if this is you, you chose it, so, I guess it’s you.” Ryan pointed out that Cortez and all other contestants are doing their own styling — that is until they hit top 10.

VOTING PHONE NUMBER; 1-866-436-5703
SONG: Mama by Genesis. OMG I am scared by this dark weird screaming performance, accentuated by an arm less tie dye wife beater tank top and a weird feather earring.
JUDGES’ COMMENTS: Keith says people’s expressions in the audience were varied. Keith said Charlie has a huge range and Keith sees him fronting a band. He says something about him feels non genuine to him and he feels disconnected from Charlie. Nicki said “where is my little baby at Charlie, what happened? I feel like someone stole my kid. I don’t wanna see your arms, I don’t want you working out. Lose that mustache immediately. I want my cute cuddly Charlie back. I told you in Hollywood not to change….now, it’s a darker thing, I am upset.” Randy said he is not upset but worried for Charlie. “The beginning was terrible and in the end it was a scream. It did not all connect. I didn’t get. I don’t know what was happening.” Mariah said he’s already gotten an earful from the other judges, so, she will keep it light and she said he adds diversity and variety to the group. Charlie then starts crying and says he did that song because he needed to vent.

VOTING PHONE NUMBER; 1-866-436-5704
SONG: Iris by Goo Goo Dolls. Nick plays the piano as he sings. Finally, a good performance.
JUDGES’ COMMENTS: Keith said that was a perfect song choice. He loves him playing piano and singing. This particular moment, there was some issues in certain spots because he was nervous but he feels his vulnerability and it was beautiful. Nicki said she wished he had kept the original melody because it’s one of her most fave song. It was pretty she said and she liked that he used the piano. “I don’t know if it will get millions of votes, but it was true to you.” Randy was not feeling too hot about it. “It was a good solid performance.” Mariah also liked seeing him at the piano and feels like he really kicked it in at the end and finally felt comfortable. She loved seeing him perform the Freddie Mercury song and hopes fans go back and see his past performances.

VOTING PHONE NUMBER; 1-866-436-5705
SONG: ‘I’m Here’ by Jennifer Hudson. He sang this song in his fist audition and took a risk singing it again.
JUDGES’ COMMENTS: Keith gives him a standing ovation and says he believes every part of him and believes him when he sings he is thankful. “Your voice is instantly recognizable. you have your own thing. I loved it, I loved it.” Nicki said she’s happy that they found him so America can see him. “I hope people vote for you, I love you.” Randy loves the way he started singing and grabbed everyone’s attention from first note. “Love you love you love you!” Mariah said he did it again, it was a tearful moment because she was waiting to feel that tangible emotion he brought to his first audition and she felt it tonight. She’s proud of him!

VOTING PHONE NUMBER; 1-866-436-5706
SONG: ‘Just a Fool’ by Christina Aguilera
JUDGES’ COMMENTS: Keith asks Paul what kind of singer he is, and he answers he wants to do pop country and be ‘the male Taylor Swift.” Keith then says if Paul wants to be pop country, he should ease it in more and stop underestimating his voice.  Not sure what he meant. Nicki said “What a very odd comment, Keith. Is he believable to you?” Keith said at moments, yes and no at others. Nicki said it was a solid performance. “I didn’t find anything wrong with it. But I recommend you listen to Keith because he knows what it takes to be a country star.” Randy said he knows what Keith said because it was amazing in the beginning and he likes his softer more laid back sound. Mariah says she did not know he wanted to be pop country until now. She agrees with Jimmy Iovine that Paul has a strong instrument. “If theatrical is what you want, Keith is the expert, so, I defer to Keith…the crowd enjoyed your performance.”

VOTING PHONE NUMBER; 1-866-436-5707
SONG: Feelin’ Good by various artists. The crowd goes insane for his performance.
JUDGES’ COMMENTS: Keith says if the audience gets its way, Lazaro will be around a lot. “Everyone in the studio connects with you the second you start singing.” Nicki said it was a strong vocal and he sounds like he has a record out already. She said he added his attitude and his own spin to the song. Randy said he loves that when Lazaro hits his sweet spot, his whole heart lights up. Mariah said  if she had to critique anything would be to sing a song not as low in his register but to sing something more in middle.

VOTING PHONE NUMBER; 1-866-436-5708
SONG: I Believe I Can Fly by R Kelly. He gets a standing ovation by all judges.
JUDGES’ COMMENTS: Keith said “We just had oursellves a sermon in Vegas. You just ooze everything good, godly and positive. You just have so much hope in you and we need that.” Nicki said he raises the bar every single time. “This is bigger than American Idol to me..when you make people feel good, like they can fly..that’s from a higher power….I don’t care how many votes you get for the rest of your life, you have a calling to make people feel good. People are hurting, we need that!!! WE NEED THAT!!!” Randy said praise God…That is who you are. “The competition just started, you’re giving the guys a run for their money. THIS is what you all should be doing.” Mariah thanked him for that performance. She said she needed that energy in her life.

VOTING PHONE NUMBER; 1-866-436-5709
SONG: ‘It’s Impossible’ by Andy Williams. To me, this guy only sounds good when he sings in Spanish. He bores me otherwise. You?
JUDGES’ COMMENTS: Keith said the beginning was shakey but as soon as the camera moved away, he became such a good singer. He said Devin is gifted. Nicki said, “I Think Keith likes you.” She then told him in Spanish it was good. She told him he is real and believable and looks likes a Spanish Ken doll. Randy said he really likes his tone and his bravado. He thinks he is effortless and he loves him. Mariah said the performance was incredible and she loves when he jumps between genres and different languages. It was effortless and powerful and there is potential to reach an international audience. THAT is a VERY big deal she said.

VOTING PHONE NUMBER; 1-866-436-5710
SONG: End of The Right by Boyz II Men. Vincent delivers another strong performance.
JUDGES’ COMMENTS: Keith said nerves got on top of his talent and he has a knee deep of talent. Nicki says he was not sitting on it right tonight. She said it was a great song choice–he had a great voice but it did not come alive in that song. Randy said it was still good but not his best. He hopes America sees that he is one of the best singers in the competition. Mariah said there were moments of brilliance in that song.

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