American Idol 2013 Recap 2/20/2013: Top 10 Girls Perform. Who Got Eliminated?


American Idol has instituted a Sudden Death round for the first time in it’s history. So, tonight February 20, 2013, the judges will decide which five of the 10 girls from the girls’ top 20 who sing live will continue. Who will be voted off tonight and going home?

So, check out below for a live blog of which contestants continue, who were eliminated tonight and who sang what!


Jenny Beth Willis
Song: “Heaven, Heartache, and the Power of Love” by Trisha Yearwood
Judges’ Comments: Keith Urban does not believe this was the best song for Jenny-Beth. But he did love her “effortless confidence.” Nicki Minaj did not feel that Jenny “came alive” until the end. Randy Jackson says she never got in-synch with the band. Mariah Carey says Jenny should have been more dynamic but felt she showcased a lot of richness in her voice during certain points of the song.

Tenna Torres
Song: “Soulmate” by Natasha Bedingfield
Judges’ Comments: Keith enjoyed the diversity of the song and her voice. Nicki said Tenna reminded her of why she fell in love with her voice in the first place and that Nicki’s fans who hated on her now can see why Nicki loved her voice. Both Keith and Nikki liked Tenna’s control and tone. Nicki told Tenna to get rid of hair herstyle cause it makes her look too old. Randy says “this is the start of the night.” Since Only Jenny had sang so far, that’s a big hit on her. Randy says Tenna was 95% perfect. Mariah loved it too and did not have much else to add.

Adriana Latonio
Song: “Ain’t No Way” by Aretha Franklin
Judges’ Comments: Keith said Adriana was “so damn good.” Nikki said the five-foot tall Adriana commands the stage from the second she walks out. She likes her confidence. Randy called her a pro. Mariah loved it too and gave her an “A.”

Brandy Hotard
Song: “Anymore” by Tritt Travis
Judges’ Comments: Keith said Brandy technically did a good job with the song but had a problem with “emotional consistency.” Why you say that Keith? Because she seemed happy singing a sad song. Nikki agreed and asked, “why are you smiling?” She also said it was a “pageant delivery” because she was more focused on getting the words correct and smiling than making a connection with the song. Randy was on board with the criticism but said she has a good voice. This early on in the comp, Randy says his biggest issue is that he doesn’t have any idea of what type of artist she wants to be. Mariah wonders if Brandy’s disconnect has to do with the new venue. Mariah said she’d love to have Brandy do an album of classics and to use her “mid-register.” BY THE WAY, is it just me, or does Brandy look like Tierra from The Bachelor?

Shubha Vedula
Song: “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga. She also played piano partway through the song.
Judges’ Comments: Keith liked it but found it a bit much. Nicki agreed and said “there was too much going on” and that there was a “comical thing there” because it’s “a mash-up of Christina Aguilera and the Gangam Style guy….It was very confusing.” Randy liked Shuba so he says she has a lot of potential though does say that she had too many runs throughout her song. He thinks having played the piano “slowed her down” a bit. Mariah agrees with Randy that playing piano seemed forced. Overall, they liked her because she’s only 17.

Kamaria Ousley
Song: “Mr. Know It All” by Kelly Clarkson
Judges’ Comments: Keith did not like the song choice. Nicki (god love her) noticed a “throaty twang thang” that she’d never heard before from her. She did not like it. Randy said this was Kamaria’s worst performance ever. He could not stop berating it.  Mariah said Kamaria seemed to be struggling to hear herself which probably affected her pitch. Mariah tried to help her because she really loves her and she “lights up a room.”

Kree Harrison
Song: “I Went Up To The Mountain” by Patty Griffin
Judges’ Comments: Keith and Nicki liked the performance. Nicki said if she were one of the other contestant girls she’d be “very nervous.” She said there’s a mystery to Kree which can’t be explained. And then Nicki said she will tell her something she never says: She thinks Kree “makes love to the song” and she is “so sexy” when she sings. Randy says Nicki meant that Kree is “just a natural born singer” and that she was “effortless.” Mariah loved it and said Kree sang “unaffected” and just seemed “lost” in the song…and she thinks Kree was not even trying.

Angela Miller
Song: “If I Could Turn Back The Hands of Time” by R.Kelly
Judges’ Comments: Keith says Angela has “huge talent” and that she just needs to keep believing in it. Nikki says she loves Angela. Nicki says nothing for her though will compare to the rendition of her original song in Hollywood. Nicki says Angela’s voice is unmatched and calls her a top contender in the competition. Randy agrees and says we are all witnessing the building of a superstar. Mariah loves Angela too and calls her amazing and says she is “going places.”

Song: “God Bless the Child” by Billi Holiday
Judges’ Comments: They all love her but Randy calls the song choice “a bit old fashioned” for his taste. Isabelle who said she was never the pretty girl in high school and was never asked out was told by judges that she redeemed herself tonight.

Amber Holcomb
Song: “My Funny Valentine” by Etta James
Judges’ Comments: Keith said the song was too old for her. Nicki called the vocal “A+++” but wonders if Amber’s “inner-shine” will come through the TV even though her vocals are “top of the class.” Mariah said Amber has a beautiful voice.


1. Jenny Beth Willis is eliminated
2. Brandy Hotard is eliminated.
3. Isabelle is eliminated and the crowd boos. I agree with the boos
4.  Kamaria Ousley is eliminated and voted off by the judges
5.  Shubha Vedula is eliminated and voed off by the judges

1. Tenna Torres advances and moves on
2. Kree Harrison advances and moves on
3. Angela Miller advances and moves on
4. Amber Holcomb advances and moves on
5. Adriana Latonio advances and moves on



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