The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills 1/7/13 Recap: Vanderpump Rules

Tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (January 7, 2013) is titled “Vanderpump Rules” which proved to be a seamless introduction for Baravo’s new series of the same name. Here is a full recap of episode 8 of RHOBH:

Tonight’s episode was fun, there was not a lot of drama or tension but entertaining

Yolanda and David Foster seem like lovely people but they are so out of touch that
it is hilarious and astounding. Yolanda is making pasta for dinner, and her husband
proclaims, “This is the kind of woman Yolanda is, she is happy to cook for me and
her kids. Obviously we have help in the house that takes care of a lot of that, but
there are many times when it is just us and she’ll cook on a regular basis.”

David is right, this is truly remarkable- Yolanda can boil water and heat up sauce in a pot…
that is amazing! I know he is trying to be complementary, but he says it with such
awe that it sounds ridiculous. Like boiling water somehow makes her Wonder
Woman. Can someone please tell David that women all over the world happily cook
dinner for their families every night and not just when the help has the night off?

Aside from her tedious duties in the kitchen, Yolanda has other problems to worry
about …this poor woman just can’t catch a break. Yolanda laments to the cameras
about a difficulty that most people have and can relate to- the stress that comes with
owning a horse. “Owing a horse these days is very expensive, there’s the trainer,
chiropractor, masseuse, special medicine, vitamin packs and holistic medicine-
it just doesn’t stop.” Lets all light a candle for Yolanda pray that she can find the
strength to persevere during this difficult time.

New housewife Marisa Zanuck made another appearance on tonight’s episode. She and
Kyle Richards chatted about the fight between Brandi Glanville and Faye Resnick at Kyle’s dinner party the previous night. At the party, Brandi was in the hot seat for the comments she made about Paul and Adrienne Maloof. Bravo never aired the actual comments but multiple sources report that the secret Brandi spilled was that Adrienne and Paul allegedly
had a surrogate carry their twin sons.

Marisa and Kyle meet for an early morning yoga session and talk quickly turns to
the events at the party. Marisa is on team Brandi, saying that Brandi was nice and
made her feel welcome in the group and the issues between Brandi and Adrienne
were none of Faye’s business. Kyle sided with her friend Faye, stating that she
doesn’t truly believe that Brandi is sorry for what she said about Paul and Adrienne.

Elsewhere in the 90210, Brandi and Lisa are shopping together and Lisa tells Brandi
that Scheana, one of the servers at Lisa’s restaurant Sur wants to meet with her
(brilliant set up for tonight’s premiere episode of Vanderpump Rules). Brandi and
Scheana have had several uncomfortable run-ins since Scheana slept with Brandi’s
then husband Eddie Cibrian (Eddie eventually dumped both his wife- Brandi and his
mistress- Scheana for his current wife, LeAnne Rimes). Subtle and tactful as always
Brandi tells Lisa, “Scheana f**ked every celebrity she could; she f**ked Eddie and
then went on Access Hollywood and Cried about it and I don’t feel like I want to give
her anymore attention for being a star-f**ker.” After some prodding from Lisa and a
conversation with Camille Grammer, Brandi relents and tells Lisa that she will meet
with Scheana to hear what she has to say.

Brandi sits down with Scheana, who immediately begins to cry. Brandi is having
none of it, telling her “don’t cry, because I lost my family, I lost everything I had so
if anyone is going to cry here it’s not going to be you. You were the other woman,
don’t get it twisted.” Scheana tells Brandi “I was hurt too, this guy makes me fall
for him then I find out he has a wife and kids.” Brandi tells her “I don’t care. Look at
where you are in your life; I’m in such a better place. I win. Do not cry to me about
Eddie. I don’t feel bad for you.” Scheanea tells Brandi that she and Eddie went on
trips together, he helped her move and he even met her mother. She claims that he
lied to her about being married.

Brandi is shocked by some of Scheana’s revelations and notes “If he (Eddie) put half as much into his acting as he did into his lying when he was cheating he would have 85 Oscars, honestly the kid can’t act but he can lie straight to my face and to your face. “ Brandi tells her that she doesn’t blame her for what happened. Scheana apologizes and Brandi accepts the apology. The two agree to be cordial when they see each other in the future.

There was no preview for next week’s episode; instead the premiere for Lisa’s spin
off show Vanderpump Rules began immediately. I must say bravo to the people at
Bravo for the brilliant way they flowed the premiere episode of into the final
few minutes of this episode of RHBH. I didn’t plan on sticking around to watch, but
the integration was so seamless that I was stuck. The entire staff at Sur is full of
hot young aspiring actors and singers who have all dated one another. They ran
down the org chart of who is/was sleeping with whom and I couldn’t keep up.

With girls with names like Scheana and Stassi I had to fight not to change the channel.
I was pushed over the edge and finally reached for the remote when two of the
servers who are dating (I don’t know their names, they were all sort of obnoxious
and looked alike so I couldn’t keep all of the names and faces straight.) Anyway, the
couple lives together and are both getting ready for work when the guy says, “do
you want me to leave the flat iron on for you? This flat iron is the best gift you ever
got me.” Once he is done flat ironing his hair, obviously he needs to secure the style
in place, so he is looking for his hairspray. He can’t find it and the girlfriend suggests
that he use her spray, but that just won’t work- “I can’t use your hairspray. Anything
with manageable or touchable on the label just won’t work. I need more strength
than that, I need something with hold.” And I need to change the channel. Now.

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One thought on “The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills 1/7/13 Recap: Vanderpump Rules

  1. Thank you for this recap; I thought it was incredible that David was so impressed by Yolanda for cooking when “the help” is out. I think this show is hilarious and it is funny how the rich feel they are so down to earth sometimes. I still like this show and will continue to watch but I’m going to miss next week’s episode because I have to go into work at DISH. My favorite shows air at the same time as my family’s but now we can watch up to four HD programs at the same time in different rooms on our DISH Hopper so none of us misses our favorite programs; this has made TV nights a breeze.

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