The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 1/21/13 Recap: Searching For Sexy

Monday’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (January 21, 2013) is titled Home is Where the Art Is”. Below is a full recap of episode # 10:

The dinner party from hell rages on. As everyone continues to discuss Brandi and
Adrienne’s feud, a tipsy Taylor tells Camille “I’ve had it, I’ve been through more than anybody sitting here times ten.” Yolanda hears this and tells her “you’re talking such nonsense.”

Yolanda goes on to tell the cameras “it seems like whenever there is a conversation, Taylor takes the conversation and spins it so she ends up talking about herself.” Taylor fires back, telling Camille (who looks like a deer in headlights) “I don’t care about Yolanda’s opinion while she’s sitting in a multi million dollar house in Malibu about how I should feel. Find David hanging (Taylor’s husband committed suicide last year and left her with a mountain of debit and lies) and then be bankrupt and have $1.5 million dollar lawsuit and public companies suing you and not have been a supermodel in your life and then let me know how you feel. It is a very different situation on my end and I don’t appreciate that.” Camille sheepishly tells Taylor “well maybe it’s not all rosy in her life.” Taylor fires back with “and I think we know a little bit more about her husband than she knows we know. He was married to our very good friend for 20 years. Wasn’t all kisses and roses then was it?” Camille is stunned silent and later tells the cameras “Its just so Taylor to go it’s all about me again. No Taylor, lets more on, we don’t want to hear your story again.”

Side note- when Yolanda and her husband David were introduced into the series
a few episodes ago during a party at their home, David didn’t even know Taylor’s
name; he thought she was Kyle. If a friend of yours is married to the same man for
20 years it is likely he would know your name. It is highly possible that Taylor is
either drunk, lying or extremely confused- who are we kidding, she is probably all

Kyle and Mauricio invite Adrienne and Paul over for dinner. Adrienne and Paul left
town for a while to “get away from Brandi’s toxicity, get some air and get away from
the negative energy.” Both couples agree that Brandi was out of line, but Kyle says
that she feels stuck in the middle. Adrienne wants Brandi to talk to her face to face,
which is odd since she had her lawyer serve Brandi with papers threatening to sue her, that is usually a signal that the time for talking is over.

We take a break from the drama for a while and see that Yolanda is decorating
her ex-husband’s home. She says that they still work well together, “we may not
be married anymore but he is still smart enough to listen to me. “ Her ex husband
Mohammed (a good friend of Lisa’s that has appeared on the show several times)
was a developer of Ritz Carlton hotels. While they were married, Yolanda tagged
along and learned about the business of decorating.

In the past I have taken some shots at Yolanda for being out of touch and slightly
politically incorrect (while accompanying her teenage daughter on a photo shoot
she told her to make sure her eyes didn’t look Chinese and drove the point home
by holding her finger tips to the corners of her eyes and stretching them) but as I
watched her work and talk about how she took the opportunity to learn from her ex-husband and his business. I actually find myself warming up to her a little.

This warm feeling was short lived. My smile quickly turned to horror and my mouth literally dropped open at what happened next. While directing some workers, it appears that they are having some problems following her instructions. So like the tolerant, citizen of the world she is Yolanda tells the men that they need to learn English. It’s both horrifying and hilarious that while chastising these workers for not knowing the language she makes several grammatical errors herself. She tells them “you’ve gotta learn English, you’re in America, we speak English here. You know when I come to America (it’s came to America, Yolanda.) I don’t (I think you mean didn’t) speak no (that would be any) English and all I know (it’s knew) how to say was please, thank you, yes, no but every night before I go (the correct tense is went) to sleep I studied; so you should do the same.” Maybe once the workers finish with their English book, they can let you borrow it. Hopefully there is a passage in there about people who live in glass houses not throwing stones.

Yolanda isn’t the only burgeoning businesswoman in town; Kyle is opening her own
clothing store (see exclusive pics of her boutiue grand opening here!). She is partnering with a boutique based in Boca Raton, Florida to open another location in the 90210. Her good friend, Faye Resnick is helping her with the design of the 5,000 square foot store.

Later all of the women gather for an art opening. Brandi tells everyone that she will
be hosting a class about “finding your sexy on the stripper pole” and invites all of the women to Las Vegas to join her. Surprise! Kyle’s niece Paris Hilton made her debut in front of the Bravo cameras. She was at the art show and in typical Paris fashion she didn’t say much, but managed to mention her upcoming concert in Brazil. New housewife Marisa and her husband Dean were also at the party. Marisa jokes about her husband being unattractive and wishes that he would produce large studio films that “come with money and perks” rather than the small independent movies he loves to work on. She also laments to Taylor that she got married and had children to young and didn’t get a chance to party. Taylor, drink in hand (as usual) tells her “it’s never too late, bottoms up.”

Next- The ladies bring the drama to Las Vegas!

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