Alex Jones Rants to Piers Morgan About Gun Control. Petitions Americans To Deport Piers [VIDEOS]

I am not Piers Morgan‘s biggest fan. But when it comes to the issue of gun violence control, he and I could not agree more.

And when it came time to interview conservative conspiracy theorist and radio host Alex Jones, I have to admit, Piers played the interview brilliantly. The usually chatty and combative Morgan, simply sat silent for the first few minutes, letting Jones go off on his furious rant and coming across as a complete paranoid jackass in trying to convince America that we need more guns because of “tyrannical government and street thugs.”

Oh ya, that’s what he said.  And then Jones blamed “foreigners” and “megabanks that control the planet” for trying to take away American guns.

Yet when it came to answering simple questions, such as how many people were murdered by guns last year in England versus America, or if the Aurora movie theater shooting was in fact the single largest mass shooting in America, Jones had no answer. Zero. Unless you consider his response of “hordes of people burning down cities and beating old women’s brains out every day” as a valid response to what he claims is going down in England due to strict gun control laws. By the way, England had 35 murders versus America’s 11K+.

Jones continuously bashed Piers’ “attack” on our Second Amendment rights, continuing with his online petition calling for Morgan’s deportation. Currently, the petition has over 106,000 signatures. Who follows this man’s lead I ask?

“Hitler took the guns! Stalin took the guns! Mao took the guns! Fidel Castro took the guns! Hugo Chavez took the guns! And I’m here to tell you that 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!!”

I cannot adequately describe Jones’ rant in full vivid detail that it so requires. So I leave you my dears to watch the interview in the two video clips below. All I can hope is that I am never in the line of fire of this apparent lunatic trying to exercise his version of the Second Amendment rights.

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