The Real Housewives of Atlanta Live Recap 12/16/12: ‘I Do…But I Won’t’

The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired a brand new episode December 16, 2012 and below is a complete show recap! It’s episode 7, called ‘I Do…But, I Won’t.’

Add psychic to the list of NeNe’s Leakes talents. The couples are still enjoying
their vacation in Anguilla; NeNe notices Kenya’s incessant flirting with every man
she comes in contact with on the island and Walter’s obvious lack of interest and
calls bulls**t on their relationship. Turns out NeNe was correct, Celebmagnet
reported last week that during a recent radio interview Walter confessed that the
relationship was a sham for the show. Click here to read about Walter’s shocking confession.

While everyone is relaxing and chatting before dinner while Kenya continues to flirt
with Phaedra’s husband Apollo. She takes her infatuation a step too far when she
asks Phaedra if she had to choose two friends to sleep with Apollo who would they
be. Phaedra is furious with the question, telling the cameras “you can dance, model
your shoes, you can show me your cervix but please don’t put your paws on Apollo
because I’m going to have an issue with that.”

Apollo keeps quiet and lets his wife do the talking; she tells Kenya “don’t come over here with that; those are fighting words in my neighborhood.” Kenya backs off but calls Phaedra sensitive and says it was just for fun. Phaedra fires back “my friend sleeping with my husband isn’t fun. You don’t disrespect someone’s marriage and ask them some crazy stuff like that.Some things are off limits, one being people’s husbands, put some ice in your panties cause its just not a good look for you.”

During the commotion, NeNe asks Kenya point blank “ya’ll relationship for real?”
Kenya responds with “girl please, yes.” Cynthia’s husband Peter says, “NeNe are
you questioning their relationship?” Her response “absolutely, 100%.” Peter says
“why” NeNe tells him “because I need to understand is it for real.” Kenya says her
relationship is “fine and most importantly it’s my business. I don’t ask you what
you and Greg are doing; as far as I know, last year you were divorced.” NeNe later
tells the cameras “I don’t know what it is about them but they’re not connecting
to me, I’m just saying I’m a good judge of character.” Everyone disperses, but the
conversation continues. Cynthia is talking to Porsha and tells her “I think the
question NeNe asked is legitimate because the guy who owns this house, she was all
up on him. I thought it was very disrespectful.”

Peter takes all of the men aside and tells them that he plans to surprise Cynthia and
have a vow renewal ceremony the next day. He wants to have a re-do of sorts of
their weeding since at their actual wedding last year Cynthia’s mother and sister hid
her marriage certificate because they didn’t think she should marry Peter.

At dinner all the couples are talking about the fun they had with their men in the
hotel the night before. Kenya and Walter look uncomfortable, especially when Peter
says “if you are on this island in these villas and call yourself a real couple and
ain’t nothing going down when you are in the room after a day like yesterday, then

something is wrong in your relationship and you need to fix that s**t.” Everyone
is laughing about Kandi and her boyfriend’s late night session in the hot tub and
chatting about how each of the couples spent the evening. Kenya looks away and
poor Walter actually yawns.

The next day, while all of the ladies are at the spa having massages, the topic turns
to marriage. NeNe asks Kenya if she and Walter have talked about marriage. She
responds that they have and are thinking about eloping. Cut to NeNe’s on camera
interview “Bi**h who are you in a relationship with, it certainly isn’t anybody on
this damn island.” Kenya says they are thinking about having a reception in Atlanta
later. NeNe is like a dog with a bone, “please let me come and witness it because you
know how I feel about it.” Kandi asks if she and Walter have had discussions about
marriage. “We always have discussions about marriage.” NeNe says “really?” Kenya
tells her “you need to worry about your relationship because I have mine under
control. I know how to get a ring, I’ve definitely had six proposals.” NeNe counters
with “Kenya, I’m not saying you don’t know how to get a ring, I’m just saying
ya’ll don’t look like a real couple to me.” Kenya takes offense and defends their
relationship; NeNe backs off but continues to question the relationship. “Something
about Kenya’s and Walter’s relationship does not smell good to me; she is flirting
and running around, something is strange.“

Later, Peter and Cynthia renew their vows in a romantic ceremony on the beach in
front of all of the other ladies and their significant others. NeNe catches the bouquet
and Greg is excited but “hold on Greg, you still have some proving to do honey so
we’re not getting married…yet.” Kenya continues with her lies and fairytales “I was
really happy for Cynthia, but just kept thinking why couldn’t it be my ceremony.”
The couples celebrate and toast to love and happiness.

The love and happiness doesn’t last long. The ladies are having a nightcap and
talking over wine and relaxing. Porsha and Kenya discuss their previous drama and
recount the story of their fight a the charity event. Porsha says that Kenya acted like
she was bigger than the event and she felt disrespected. Kenya says that she doesn’t
walk to talk about the situation and then all hell breaks loose. The women begin
screaming and cursing at each other. As usual, Phaedra says it best “I feel like I am
in the midst of Katrina mixed with a Georgia tornado all at once, its crazy.” Things
get so heated that NeNe has to hold Kenya back from attacking Porsha. Krazy, um
I mean Kenya bids the ladies goodnight, twirls around and tells them she is “Gone
with the Wind fabulous.” Whatever that means.

Next- the war between Kenya and Portia rages on. While everyone is together, Peter
mentions that Kenya told everyone that she and Walter were getting engaged, well
almost everyone because Walter looks shocked and appalled and Kenya storms out.

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