Real Housewives of Atlanta 12/9 Recap: Hold On To Your Weave

This week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the women are still reeling from the fight that ended with Kim Zolciak storming out and quitting the show. Below is a full recap of RHOA December 9, 2012 episode titled, “Hold on to Your Weave.”

Last week, NeNe Leakes and Kim took the fight to twitter, with NeNe writing, “It’s so funny how this chick wants people 2 think she quit the show! The producers no longer wanted 2 work wit u! Good bye wit the lies.”


Zolciak then Tweeted in response, referencing her own rumored new show:
“I definitely was NOT fired from RHOA I can guarantee u that!!! My spinoff last year was a 1time thing so this spinoff is brand new! Bye hater!!!!”

“You are so mad u cant stand it & hold your anger in, u are suppose to have all this stuff going on but ur staying tuned into me #iloveit. Makes no sense to get fired and get a promotion! #staytunedhater

Offline, the ladies press on with their plans for the couples’ trip to Anguilla.  Cynthia invites Porsha and her husband on the trip to fill Kim and Kroy’s vacant spots, why would Cynthia invite a couple she barely knows to travel out of the country with her- “any enemy of Kenya’s is a friend of mine.”

The belles and their boos all head to the airport. On the plane Kenya is still beating her sad drum about getting married; wondering aloud to the cameras  “if someone will get proposed to on this trip, fingers crossed.” Tired of Kenya’s begging, Phaedra said “the good book says it is a good thing for a man to find a wife, not for a woman to hunt down a man. It’s like a dog with a bone.”

Despite her desperate and constant not so subtle hints to Walter about wanting to get married, Kenya continues to flirt with every man she comes in contact with- hotel staff, party guests and her Phaedra’s husband.  It appears the former Miss USA has set her sights on Apollo.  The two do some splashing around in the pool that pushes the limits of good taste and Phaedra’s patience. Kenya better watch herself, according to Kandi, “Phaedra is a southern belle but if you mess with her man she might tase you.”

Phaedra is not one to take the flirtation lying down. The next morning she brought out the big buns umm I mean guns to make sure her man only has eyes for her. She showed up for the day’s outing wearing a eye popping, barely there bikini that showed off her “donkey booty.”  All of the ladies enjoy the day on the beach with their beaus but the drama returns that evening when Kenya asks Phaedra if she had to choose two friends to have an affair with Apollo who would they be…  my guess is that one of them would not be Kenya.  Unfortunately, we’ll have to hear next week to hear Phaedra’s response.

Next Week- Phaedra tells Kenya to stay away from her man. Kenya and NeNe get into a fight after NeNe tells her she doesn’t see Kenya and Walter as a couple… hmm… why would she think that?

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