Avril Lavigne Ex-Husband & GF Dress as Avril & Future Avril Lavigne Husband For Halloween [PHOTO]

Deryck Whibley and Ari Cooper dress up as Avril Lavign for Halloween

This is pretty damn funny stuff. Avril Lavigne got engaged this summer to Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger. Avril’s ‘s ex-husband Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 and his girlfriend Ari Cooper decided it would be a hoot to dress as Avril and Chad for Halloween. If that weren’t wackyenough, they even cross dressed. So, ya, Deryck dressed as Avril, and Ari was Chad. 

When Kroeger saw the Tweeted pic of the cross-dressed duo, he Tweeted back to the Sum 41 frontman: “Hey Deryck loved the costumes! we were going to dress up as you guys this year but all the parties had celebrity themes haha! -CK”


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