YouTube Sensation Psy Shows Off His ‘Gangnam Style’ With Maria Menounos & Mario Lopez! [PHOTOS]

The latest new dance craze which started in South Korea and since gone viral on YouTube is making its way on streets and shopping malls of Los Angeles.  Psy, the man behind the ‘Gangnam Style’ frenzy was at The Grove in Los Angeles Monday for an interview with Maria Menounos and Mario Lopez of Extra when the TV hosts broke into a well-prepared flash mob with hundreds of dancers.

South Korean pop star Psy at The Grove with Maria Menounos and Mario Lopez for extra

As part of the day’s festivities, Menounos made her directorial debut instructing dozens of dancers and camera men for hours while managing to change outfits several times and look as gorgeous as ever, never breaking sweat on the incredibly hot LA day.

Maria Menounos and Mario Lopez lead Psy's Gangnam Style flash mob

Psy, the pop star and YouTube sensation who recently signed to Scooter Braun’s (Justin Bieber’s manager) label, started his day yesterday on the Extra stage, trying to teach Maria and Mario the steps to Gangnam Style. But he had no idea that Maria and Mario were a few steps ahead of him and had been rehearsing all day.

Maria Menounos and Mario Lopez do the Gangnam Style

Maria Menounos makes directorial debut in Gangnam stylePys’s Gangnam Style bideo went viral in July and has since garnered over 212 million hits on YoutTube. Watch the video for yourself:

Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos do the Gangnam Style at The Grove

Psy Interview with Extra TV at The Grove

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