PHOTOS: Maksim Chmerkovskiy And Hope Solo Show Off Dance Moves At The Grove

SPOTTED: Makism Chmerkovskiy and his Dancing with the Stars partner, Hope Solo at The Grove in Los Angeles November 3, 2011 for an interview with Mario Lopez of Extra.

Maks talked about his superstitions when it comes to dancing: He wears two pairs of socks at each performance: An athletic pair underneath his dress socks. As for his developing feud with Derek Hough, Maks said he has no problems with Derek and has no idea what is going on, he just gets texts from his friends telling him of stories they read in the media.

Update: Click here to see a funny photo Maks Twitted about his “fight” with Derek!

Watch part of the interview below and see what Maks and Hope have to say about their partnership, what Maks thinks of Kirstie Alley and how 
Maks actually campaigned to get Hope as a partner:

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Maks fixing his hair after dancing….cute!

Maks and Hope playing keep away with the fake mirrorball trophy

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3 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Maksim Chmerkovskiy And Hope Solo Show Off Dance Moves At The Grove

  1. Well i don’t think they are going to get married , but not buying they hate each other either….imo just dancing together on a show:-) and when its over its over …no dramas in my mind….still people hear and believe what they want to 🙂

  2. I don’t think these two hate each other,never did, they will be friends after the show,like all Mak’s past partners.
    I do think Maks is doing great damage control though. He can do that very well,just do a little dance,talk about light stuff and MOST of all, hug,squeeze,and hang on her,just like he does on DWTS,after he behaves badly everybody thinks he really cares about her. Seems to work every time,most people buy it.

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