Coco Rocha At NY Fashion Week: The Shows at Spring Studios

 Models Coco Rocha (L) and Doutzen Kroes visit the Etihad VIP Lounge during IMG NYFW:
New York Fashion Week draws to town many celebrities in response to buzz about the latest season’s fashion trends. Whoopi Goldberg, Coco Rocha, Doutzen Kroes, Dee Ocleppo, Leigh Lezark, Ty Hunter, Broderick Hunter and more were spotted in attendance this week at NY Fashion Week: The Shows at Spring Studios. Continue reading

Bill O’Reilly Pisses Off The View’s Whoopi Goldberg & Joy Baher VIDEO

If you missed The View today, you missed some major fireworks! But don’t worry, I have the video here for you to watch!

Bill O’Reilly was a special guest star on the talk show on Thursday and during a conversation about the proposed Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero things got so heated that Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar walked off the set!

“The mosque down here on 9/11. That’s inappropriate,” O’Reilly said.  “Sure, they have a right to do it,” he continued. “But it’s inappropriate because a lot of the 9/11 families who I know, say, ‘Look, we don’t want that.'”

When Joy, Whoopi and the other ladies expressed their opposition, he tried to shut them up.

“Listen to me because you’ll learn,” he exclaimed, shocking the audience, adding that he believes President Obama’s numbers are falling because of his unwillingness to comment on “the wisdom of” building the community center.

Goldberg challenged him: “You’re saying that Americans are not smart enough to recognize that while it is part of our Constitution to say freedom of religion and freedom to worship and there were 70 families who are Muslim who also died in that building. So you’re saying that his saying that they have the right to do it and not saying anymore is why his approval ratings have gone down?”

The exchange got more heated as time went on and the blowout came after O’Reilly said “Muslims killed us on 9/11.” Goldberg and Behar attempted to specify that it was an extremist sect within Islam and not the religion itself that attacked the U.S. When O’Reilly continued to argue his point, the enraged hosts walked off the set. 

Barbara Walters had to turn to the audience and say “This should not have happened.”

Check out the heated debate below

Jake Pavelka And Whoopi Goldberg Don’t Kiss But Make Up After The View Appearance [Video]


   Jake Pavelka is not sure why people think Whoopi Goldberg was harsh on him during his appearance on The View last Wednesday. He says she was actually extremely nice to him and he was totally star-struck with her.

It is true that she disagreed with Jake on camera. Whoopi asked Jake: “This was not your first acting job, The Bachelor, right?” Whoopi continued, “You were on Walker, Texas Ranger.” Jake then countered,  “The Bachelor is not acting.” Goldberg shot back, “Darling, I’m afraid to tell you, you’re full of garbage. That is an acting job.” Jake insisted that he did The Bachelor “to find love.”

The media is making a big deal of this exchange but Jake makes light of it and tells CelebMagnet that Whoopi and he spoke after the cameras stopped rolling and she was extremely sweet to him. Apparently she believed Jake is looking for love because Whoopi reassured him: “Don’t worry, I am going to set you up and we will have you married before long.”

On that note, let’s pitch in and help Whoopi and Jake: If any of you ladies are interested in this handsome southern gentleman, drop me a line and I will let Jake know 😉 I think he may fancy blondes though since he is still gushing about how beautiful Elisabeth Hasselbeck is in person.

Here is part of Jake’s appearance on The View in case you missed it.

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