Celebs Attend LA Reid’s “Sing To Me” Book Brunch Supported by JetSmarter

SPOTTED: Singer Kelly Rowland, Music Executive Sean Combs, Singer Janelle Monea, DJ Khaled, Usher, Music Executive LA Reid and Erica Reid attending the LA Reid “Sing To Me” Book Brunch at Hinoki & The Bird in Los Angeles, California. All lucky guests received a Jetsmarter VIP card. Continue reading

X FACTOR USA 10/23: Top 16 Spoilers!

X Factor USA Top 16

The X Factor USA will finally announce its Top 16 tonight October 23, 2012 in a special episode airing to replace the show cut short by rain and baseball last week.

Who will make the Top 16 cut tonight? LOOK BELOW for spoilers of the complete list of your X Factor USA Top 16 contestants before tonight’s show and elimination results are aired. Continue reading

Britney Spears & Demi Lovato Shine At The X Factor Premiere & Handprint Ceremony [PHOTOS]

New judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato joined Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid at the premiere and screening of The X Factor Season 2 on Tuesday (September 11) held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

The screening and fan Q&A was held immediately after the X Factor stars participated in a handprint ceremony just a few steps away outside.  Continue reading

X Factor Judges Britney Spears & Demi Lovato Sing Happy Birthday To L.A. Reid

Britney Spears sings happy birthday to L.A. Reid

Happy birthday L.A. Reid!

New X Factor USA judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato joined forces to wish a very happy birthday to fellow judge L.A. Reid — the trio enjoyed some bday cake and a song. Simon Cowell missed the festivities since he is out with bronchitis (Louis Walsh is subbing in).  Continue reading

Major Shakeup At The X Factor: Which Three Familiar Faces Will Not Return Next Season?

And just like that, there was a major shake up at The X Factor late Monday night with host Steve Jones and judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger rumored to not be returning to season 2 of the hit NBC show.

The rumors first involved host Jones who himself took to his Twitter account to confirm the news. Continue reading

The X Factor 12/22 Finale: Who Will Be Crowned The Winner? Live Blogging Results!

The X Factor USA will air its finale tonight, December 22, 2011. One of our three remaining contestants will be crowned the winner of the five million dollar recording contract and star in his, or her, very own Pepsi commercial. Continue reading

VIDEOS: The X Factor USA: 11/22 Contestant Telephone Numbers & Performance Videos


The X Factor USA aired its top 9, special Thanksgiving live show November 22, 2011. Paula Abdul still has one contestant left in the competition, Lakoda Rayne. Nicole Scherzinger has two, after losing Stacy Francis last week. L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell still have all three of their contestants.

Below is the live blogging of the show and the songs each contestant performed and their voting telephone numbers.
8:03 Steve Jones tells us that not one, but two acts will be eliminated and going home this week!
8:04 Judges are introduced
8:08 Performances begin (see below)

The X Factor Top 11 Call Numbers:

Rachel CrowI Believe by Yolanda Adams – 1 855 843 9301 or Text VOTE to 9301

Rachel dedicated her song to her adoptive parents. Rachel grew up in a crack house and was in a hospital after being abused and neglected. Rachel says she thanks her parents every day for having adopted her.
Watch Rachel perform below:

Marcus CantyA Song for Mama by Boyz to Men 1 855 843 9302 or Text VOTE to 9302

Marcus gave thanks to his mother who made huge sacrifices for Marcus and his sister while they were growing up.
Watch Marcus perform below:

Melanie AmaroThe World’s Greatest by R. Kelly – 1 855 843 9303 or Text VOTE to 9303
Melanie gave thanks to God for all he has given her. She said everyone else has let her down at some point in life, including her parents with whom she did not always live. So, she learned to rely on God. After her performance, Melanie started speaking with a British Virgin Islands accent where she was born. The judges gave her a standing ovation and Nicole asked to give her a hug for showing her vulnerability.

Chris Rene Let It Be by The Beatles – 1 855 843 9304 or Text VOTE to 9304
Chris gave thanks to Tim Frye, the counselor at his rehab center who helped me become sober and become the man that he is.

Lakoda RayneYou Belong with Me– 1 855 843 9305 or Text VOTE to 9305
Paige dedicated her song to boyfriend Michael.
Hayley thanked her father for supporting her in her music dreams.
Dani dedicated the song to her grandmother.

LeRoy BellAngel – Sarah McLachlan – 1 855 843 9306 or Text VOTE to 9306

He dedicated the song to his mom because she was the one that was always there for him before she passed away. His mom was one of the reasons he tried for the X Factor because she did not believe he should give up.

Astro – 1 855 843 9307 or Text VOTE to 9307
Astro’s family all came to support him after his temper tantrum of last week (watch here). Astro is very appreciative of his family and fans. Astro said he is 15 and from Brooklyn, so, what do you expect from him?

DrewSkyscraper by Demi Lovato – 1 855 843 9308 or Text VOTE to 9308
Drew dedicated her song to her best friend, Shelby who has been by her side since second grade. After her performance, LA and Simon got into a heated fight with LA saying this song is too old for Drew.

Josh Krajcik Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones – 1 855 843 9309 or Text VOTE to 9309

Josh wanted to give thanks to his 13 year-old daughter, Rowan, who is his inspiration.

VIDEO: Brennin Hunt, The X Factor Winner?

Have we already found our winner on The X Factor? 26-year old Nashville, TN native, Brennin Hunt, sure thinks so.

On the Thursday September 29, 2011 audition episode we met the handsome and talented crooner who says he’s already got a strike against him because he’s hot. OK, that he is. But can he sing?
If you ask Brennin, his answer is that he “is the total package.” 
He sang his own original called How We Make ItSimon Cowell called Brennin’s voice brilliant and told him he wants to work with him. Cowell said the reason Brennin has not yet “made it” is because he has not been given the right advice or direction to help propel him to that “next level.”  
Paula Abdul told Brennin his voice stuck a chord in her heart. L.A. Reid called Brennin hot. 
Watch Brennin’s audition below and tell me what you think. Is Brennin ready for super stardom?

VIDEO: Josh Krajcik Fools Us All At Last On The X Factor

OK — You got us X Factor, you got us. When scruffy-looking Josh Krajcik came on the September 28, 2011 episode of the show, we were like, OK, we get it, this self-proclaimed burrito slinger guy is gonna stink it up. Real bad. The more his mom insisted the guy is the next best singer since Elvis, the more we anticipated a total bomb. Man, was the joke on us.
Just when we thought we know it all, The X Factor pulled the ol’ switcheroo on us, because the second the 30-year old crooner from Columbus Ohio opened his mouth, some of us got goosebumps. The rest of us got chills. Why? Because on his rendition of At Last came out some kind of unexpected and gritty Joe Cocker meets Bob Seger rolled into a soulful Etta James.

On his way to the next round, Simon Cowell told him, “I’ve gotta say, Josh. I always thought after a few auditions over the years I wouldn’t be surprised again. And then you started singing and it just blew me away.” He also said he likes him because, “You are honest. You didn’t come out here with any gimmicks. Good for you.”

L.A. Reid informed him, “You need to give the slinging-burritos job to somebody else.” Then he called him out: “I get why you’re dressed like that. You aren’t foolin’ me for a second. This is your ‘before,’ because the ‘after’s’ gonna be … you’re too good, you are way too good.”

Paula Abdul added: “There are just certain voices that the second you open your mouth to sing, it gets in our skin. What a treat.”

Watch Josh’s Chicago audition for yourself and you be the judge:

VIDEO CLIP OF THE DAY: J Mark Invades Planet Paula On The X Factor


Did you catch the oddest contestant we will probably see make it through the next round on The X Factor Wednesday night?

I am talking about J. Mark Inman, the 31-year-old philosophy student who auditioned in Chicago (September 28, 2011) and compared his life to “the algorithm for pi” right after he said “J+Mark+X+Factor= $5Million.”
J. Mark performed his own whacked out take on Radiohead’s Creep. Yet, as bizarre and bad as he was, he was enthusiastically pushed through to the next round as if he had hypnotized and mesmerized the judges.
Backed by a stuttering electronic track of the Radiohead song which of course he made himself, J Mark looked really out of place on the big X Factor stage. Then, the music began and he looked even more misplaced. But his voice didn’t start. At first. He just slithered across stage in some kind of weird hip hop moves and it, I am afraid to admit, worked. Then he started singing. And I couldn’t tell if I loved him or was scared of him. Or, possibly even both?!
As the song ended with the lyrics, “I don’t belong here…,” Paula Abdul and the audience gave him a standing ovation. Paula of course understood and got him because as Simon Cowell said, “he is from Planet Paula.” She said, “You don’t belong here. You’re other worldly. You are in another jurisdiction, fooor suuure. I think I have visited there once or twice in my life. Oh the places we could go together.” 
Said L.A. Reid: “It sounded so bad, but felt so goooood.” Inman was sent through to the next round, and he seemed as shocked as anyone, espeically a wicked-smiled Simon.
Watch the amazingly odd audition video clip below: