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‘Celebrity Apprentice’: Who Got Fired?


Dionne Warwick called NeNe Leakes a “coward” on Sunday night’s Celebrity Apprentice, but at the end, it was Dionne who was fired in the boardroom.

The episode started with the men going at each other after their last win. Mark McGrath told the camera it was a miracle that the men had won. And the women were wondering how they could lose to a Gary Busey-lead team.

For this week, the two teams were tasked with creating a 30-second commercial spot for a new ACN video phone. NeNe and Lil Jon were the Project Managers for their respective teams.

After meeting with the company executives who emphasized the need for emotion in their ads, Team A.S.A.P. decided to tell a heart-warming tale of a father and mother calling their daughter who lives overseas in France. Marlee Matlin played the part of the mother to show that a hearing-impaired person can speak to her daughter on the video phone through sign language.

All seemed to be going OK for the women until they had to edit the the commercial late into the night. Diva Dionne asked NeNe if she could leave the team and go get some sleep. NeNe just looked at her and said “go,” but was not happy with Dionne’s move. NeNe told the cameras afterwards: “I am not her babysitter. She can leave anytime she wants to. But, daaamn, if everybody else is sticking it out, then so should she. Nobody cares about her being a legend!”

The men also met with the company execs who seemed quite conservative to Team Backbone but the guys decided to go a completely different direction than what the execs recommended: They gambled by going more modern and humorous and hoped to make their video ad go viral.

The back story of the men’s video involved a grandfather and grandmother calling their grandson (played by Jose Consaco) and meeting the grandson’s male fiancé for the first time through the video call.  

It was close, but Team Backbone won the challenge which sent the ladies of Team A.S.A.P. to the boardroom once again. 
Marlee and Star Jones were pointing to LaToya Jackson as the weakest link. LaToya had had eye surgery just a few weeks before and woke up that morning without the ability to see. So NeNe could only assign her the menial task of time keeping. LaToya stood up well for herself in the boardroom, so, she was spared.

Dionne, on the other hand, gave The Donald some attitude. When he asked Dionne whom he should fire, the music legend replied, “I’m gonna take the opinion of everyone else, I’d fire me. Fire me!” Then she gave Donald Trump a defiant “I dare you to fire me” glare.

Star Jones spoke up and expressed her unwillingness to ever quit on her charity which made Dionne look even worse to The Donald who hates quitters in the first place.  Jones said, “May I just say this is endemic of one of the reasons why we lose. This is about charity. And I just could not imagine walking in here and saying to you, ‘you can let me go’ without having accomplished the reason of why I have come here.” Warwick then tried to back pedal and say “I would love to stay here, I am a team player,” but it was too little too late. “Dionne, you’re fired,” lashed Donald. And with those words, a whole bunch of people started cheering inside, both inside the boardroom and all across the world!

It was not over though. NeNe approached Dionne outside the boardroom, hugged her and said good-bye but Dionne lashed out: “You’re a coward, baby!” “Why am I a coward?!” asked NeNe, genuinely surprised. “Because you didn’t tell the truth!” said Dionne….and the women quibbled a bit….till Dionne said, “Let’s not do this!”

Meanwhile, inside the boardroom, Donald told Donald Jr. and Ivanka: “[Dionne] looked me in the eye and challenged me to fire her. And no one gets away with that!”

Celebrity Apprentice: Show Recap

Another week of craziness went down on Celebrity Apprentice and this time, it was Gary Busey and Niki Taylor who were in charge of Backbone and A.S.A.P. teams, respectively.

You know you were waiting all season for Busey to take charge, admit it!

Oh poor Busey. Although he was named Project Manager, he never seemed to be fully in charge. Of anything. He seemed discombobulated throughout the whole episode which is hard to do considering he spent half the show shooting the breeze with teammate Jose Canseco – to the point that Mark McGrath took video evidence of the two wasting time in case he needed proof in the boardroom.

But despite his lackadaisical yet somehow manic project management style, it wasn’t Busey who lost the task. In fact, his team won overwhelmingly over the Taylor-lead female team which left Taylor as the one hearing the dreaded “You’re fired!” words from Donald Trump.
In case you missed the show, here is a recap:

This week, our favorite B-List celebrities were tasked with promotion of camping gear and RV’s through a display in middle of New York city. 

Taylor seemed to be up to the task at the get go. She picked the theme of “camping in the 21st century” after she and fellow contestant and Playboy Playmate Hope Dworaczyk figured out what century we currently live in. Taylor then assigned each celeb on her team a room in the RV to decorate; a tactic which seemed like a pretty solid form of delegation at the time.
Not before long, lots of bickering broke out on both teams involving just about everyone. NeNe Leakes (Atlanta’s Real Housewives) and Star Jones started their feud when Jones once again tried to take full control of the team. Taylor and Dionne Warwick openely had a disagreement in front of customers during the presentation part of the task. Warwick went so far as to call Taylor a “hussy” behind her back after the argument ended.
Taylor was not the only one disgruntled with Warwick. Marlee Matlin labeled Warwick the weakest link when Donald Trump, Jr. came on site for a visit with Team A.S.A.P. 
On the men’s side, McGrath seemed to be one of the few busting ass to get the job done while Busey and Canseco did absolutely nothing for long stretches of time. Country singer John Rich became heated when Canseco called Rich’s country RV jingle “hickish,” and Survivor’s Richard Hatch implied country music fans are uneducated. 
Somehow Busey was unaffected or unaware of all the tension on Backbone. He told Ivanka Trump: “It’s going great. Every team member I have is like a color of the rainbow!” Not sure what rainbow Busey dreams up in his head.

In the Trump boardroom, things got eerily boring. Taylor took full responsibility for her team’s loss and laid dead. There was no arguing, no mudslinging, no almost fist matches. But Taylor’s lay down was a move which Trump surprisingly admired.

“Niki, you’re basically willing to take responsibility for your loss? I respect that. Niki you’re fantastic, but other than that, you’re fired,” said the Donald.

Did Donald Trump’s Fascination With Lisa Rinna’s Surgically-Repaired Lips Save Her On ‘Celebrity Apprentice’? Read The Recap!

Did you catch Celebrity Apprentice Sunday night? If not and you want to find out who got fired by Donald Trump, look no further.

THE RECAP: The Donald asked the two competing teams to each create a children’s story book. As part of the task, the teams had to also put on a performance telling the story to a group of four and five-year-old children.

Meat Loaf joyfully stepped up as the project manager for Team Backbone. Lisa Rinna, on the other hand, was not able to wiggle her way out of being pushed into leading Team A.S.A.P. As it turns out, some of Rinna’s team members nominated her as the team leader so they could watch her fail and be kicked off the show.

Team Backbone told the story of a sad Lil’ Jon and Team A.S.A.P. took a page out of The Wizard of Oz and tried to tell the tale of a lion, LaToya Jackson, who could not roar.

Dionne Warwick proved to be a diva on the warpath with anyone who crossed her way, but especially team manager, Rinna. Star Jones also brought out the big guns and they both fought Rinna every step of the way, including insistence that their names be on the cover of the collective team’s finished book. “The story was conceived by Dionne Warwick, written by Star Jones. Give credit where it’s due,” Warwick complained to Rinna.

Well, the women lost in the end because their moral lesson (created mostly by Warwick) of “just be yourself” was way to heavy for children, plus the font used for the book (chosen by Jones) needed a magnifying glass to be legible. Rinna of course brought in Warwick and Jones into the boardroom for Team A.S.A.P. and the three faced The Donald in a fight against elimination. Well, at least two of them were ready for a fight.

Team Warwick and Jones combated sole player Rinna who not only failed to stand up for herself, she admitted she has “so much to learn” as a project manager. The Donald loved Rinna’s surgically repaired “new lips” and so much as said so but that admiration did not save Rinna from getting the big “You’re Fired” tagline spewed at her face.