“This is Us” Star Chrissy Metz Dishes About Boyfriend, Weight, Show Audition

Chrissy Metz, Josh Stancil,‘This is Us star’, Chrissy Metz recently sat down for an interview with MarieClaire and below are some excerpts from the revealing exchange:

On her weight:

If you ask Metz how much she weighs, she won’t have a specific answer ready for you. “I don’t worry about numbers,” she tells MarieClaire.com. “It just messes with my mind.” The 36-year-old says of her childhood, “Fat was like a cuss word.” Food for her equaled the notion of love, such as grilled cheese sandwiches her grandmother would make when Metz came home from school. But it was also the enemy: When Metz was 11 and overweight, her mother signed her up for Weight Watchers. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried [to lose weight],” laments Metz, who describes herself, at various times, as “plus-size,” “big,” and “overweight,” but rarely “fat.” She added, “But if I had. I would never have gotten this role.”

On her ‘This is Us’ audition:

Metz felt that she had failed her audition for the role of Kate Pearson. While she was on the phone with her agent telling him the awful news, she received a call from a number she did not recognize. Even though she only had 81 cents in her bank account at the time and worried that it may be a bill collector calling, she answered the call. And good thing she did because Dan Fogelman, the creator of ‘This Is Us’, was on the other line, along with the rest of the producers. “They said, ‘We just wanted to tell you you’re our girl.’ I said, ‘I’m gonna pee my pants!’ They laughed. I told them ‘You’ve hired a classy broad.'”

On her boyfriend:

Metz has been dating Josh Stancil who works as a camera grip on ‘This Is Us’. While wrapping the second episode, she noticed him loading up his car while eating a taco bowl. “I was like, oh he’s cute, with shorts and his backward hat, kind of masculine.” Metz added, “Before I even know it, I called out, ‘You better slow down or you’re going to choke on your food.’ I am typically a little more charismatic than that, I swear.” After a month of saying hello to each other on the set, he asked her out for a drink. “It was very unexpected,” she says. “My priority was my job and I was not trying to blow my big shot. Josh even offered to go work on another show.”

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