Jack Black Makes 1st Appearance at Comic-Con Since 2005 for ‘Ghost Girls’

Jack Black is coming back to Comic-Con for the first time sine 2005 to promote upcoming web series “Ghost Ghirls,” which he produced and guest stars in.

Shine America and Yahoo! announced that Black will be joined by co-creators Amanda Lund, Maria Blasucci and Jeremy Konner during a a panel about the show. Comic-Con attendees will get to see an exclusive episode before it premieres on Yahoo! in the fall.

“Ghost Ghirls” is a web comedy series following the antics of two best friends, Heidi (Lund) and Angelica (Blasucci), who work as paranormal investigators. Each episode details the bumbling adventures of the hilarious duo as they attempt to solve otherworldly cases while not tripping over themselves in the process.

“We heard that Comic-Con is haunted. Never fear, The Ghost Ghirls are on the way!” Black said in a statement.

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