50 Cent: “I’m Not In Jail, I’m in My Kitchen, Fool!”

Despite reports that 50 Cent was recently arrested on charges of domestic violence against his former girlfriend and facing jail time if convicted, the rapper proved his current state of freedom in a series of Instagram photos.

On 4th of July, the rapper proved his own freedom by posting these photos of himself enjoying his palatial estate. Each photo was captioned in extremely similar fashion:

  • I’m not in jail I’m in my kitchen fool #smsaudio
  • I’m not In jail I’m in the casino #smsaudio
  • I’m not in jail I’m in my theater #smsaudio
  • I’m not in jail I’m on my Gucci couch #smsaudio
  • I’m not in jail I’m by my water fall #smsaudio
  • I’m not in jail I’m in my strip club. #smsaudio
  • I’m not in jail I’m by my pool #smsaudio
  • I’m not in jail just meditating #smsaudio

We get it 50. You’re a free man! At least for now.

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