Keanu Reeves Shows Off Imppressive Kung Fu Fighting Skills

Matrix star Keanu Reeves is known for his martial arts talents but on Thursday the 48 year old star took his Kung Fu fighting to a new level.

Keanu was attending the Man of Tai Chi press conference in Beijing, China. The Man of Tai Chi is the star’s directorial debut and he will also act in the Mandarin, Cantonese and English language kung fu film.

Clearly a lover of martial arts he says, ‘Kung fu movies are beautiful, exotic, wonderful, empowering…there is something childlike about it. They are fake fights – and that’s fun.’ He went onto display some serious moves on stage from hard core fist punching Kung Fu moves to the more serene tai chi to an animated audience. Check out pics of Keanu’s Kung Fu here!

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