The Voice May 7, 2013 Live Playoffs Recap: Voting Call Telephone Numbers

“The Voice” Season 4 airs part II of its Live Playoffs tonight May 7, 2013. We are down to our final 16 artists who will perform live in front of celebrity coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira, and Usher for America’s vote. Tonight, Team Shakira and Team Blake hit the stage for your votes.

Here are the 16 contestants still remaining on The Voice: Team Usher: Vedo, Josiah Hawley, Michelle Chamuel, and Cáthia. Team Shakira: Kris Thomas, Garrett Gardner, Karina Iglesias and Sasha Allen. Team Adam: Judith Hill, Amber Carrington, Caroline Glaser,  and Sarah Simmons. Team Blake: Holly Tucker, Justin Rivers, Danielle Bradbery and The Swon Brothers.

LOOK BELOW for a live blog of tonight’s The Voice (5/7/13) Live Playoffs, Part II and find out who sings what song, find out the voting telephone call numbers for each contestant. And if you missed any of last night’s show, click here for a full recap of the show!

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The recap is below but, if you like, take a moment and watch Usher and Adam Levine’s performance of ‘Superstition’ here!
-Team Blake performs Boondocks! By Little Big Town.
– Blake Shelton and Shakira team up and perform Lady Antebellum’s ‘Need You Now’.
-Team Shakira performs “We Are the Champions” by Queen
-Below is the recap on each of the individual performances:

-Holly Tucker
–  Song: LeAnn Rimes’ ‘How Do I Live’
Usher says this is one of his fave songs and compliments her for taking charge and commanding the stage and doing an incredible job. Shakira says it was a beautiful performance and says she is reliable when it comes to being pitch perfect. Adam says he is a big fan. He says she’s beautiful and more talented and better looking than her coach. Blake says Holly is very talented and the one to beat in the competition!
To vote for Holly Tucker, call: 1-877-553-3702

-Swon Brothers – Song: ‘Fishing In The Dark’ by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.
Usher doesn’t know the song but thinks they were cool. Shakira say’s they’re fun because they don’t do anything strenuous to impress them. Her words, not mine. She said they make her feel comfortable and she loves comfort. Adam feels that the performance was “so Blake” and it was a real country moment that Blake dies for. He said they did a fantastic job even though he does not know the song. Blake said they did everything exactly like they talked about and their harmonies were tight.
To vote for Swon Brothers, call: 1-877-553-3704

-Justin Rivers – Song: Diamond Rio’s ‘Meet In the Middle’
Usher said it was freaking cool. Shakira said it was a solid performance and thinks he’s a reliable artist who did a great job. Adam loves that Justin owns it. Blake says he’s been a dark horse in the competition up until now but he is awesome every time.
To vote for Justin Rivers, call: 1-877-553-3706

-Danielle Bradbery – Song: “Maybe It Was Memphis” by Pam Tillis
Usher thought Danielle was incredible. He compliments her comfort on stage and says she will have along career. Shakira repeats Blake and simply says “holy crap”. Adam says his fears came true: He wants her on his team because she is as good as he feared. He regrettably admits that Danielle is one of the best singers in the competition and one of the ones to beat. Blake says she made this song important and viable again and thinks that everyone will buy her version.
To vote for Danielle Bradbery, call: 1-877-553-3707

-Garrett Gardner – Song: “Imagine” by John Lennon. Shakira wants him to sing behind a piano and make this a rock anthem.Adam is happy that Adam did well on one of his favorite songs and liked this side of Garrett’s personality.  But he also said he hates when anyone but John Lennon sings this song. Blake says Garrett is a good looking dude with a beast of a voice so he is a complete package. Usher is happy Garrett came back again this year. Shakira thanks Garrett. She’s a proud coach. She says he is the epitome of what The Voice and America are about.
To vote for Garrett Gardner, call: 1-877-553-3701

-Kris Thomas – Song: ‘If I Was Your Man’ by Bruno Mars
Adam says Kris has a great voice but came across nervous. Blake likes the nervous energy because it shows this means a lot to Kris. Usher says Kris has an incredible voice and did well on a song that requires power and control. Shakira thinks Kris is special and she had goosebumps while he sang.
To vote for Kris Thomas, call: 1-877-553-3703

-Karina Iglesias – Song: Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’
Adam is having regrets saying Karina was not stolen by Shakira but he foolishly gave her away. He thinks she’s very talented and belongs in the competition. Blake said her performance was so strong, he thought the mic would break into a bunch of pieces. He’s also glad that he heard Adam admit that he completely screwed up. I love the banter between Adam and Blake. Shakira loves her sassiness and strength. She is wowed by her lungs.
To vote for Karina Iglesias, call: 1-877-553-3705

-Sasha Allen– Song: “Oh Darlin'”
Adam said it was amazing. Blake again thinks it’s funny that Adam has given up on another talented artist. Usher says she is an incredible vocalist. Shakira is proud of the performance.
To vote for Sasha Allen, call: 1-877-553-3708

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