Sofia Vergara On Fertilization Plans: My Eggs Are In the Refrigerator!

Her Modern Family character just gave birth to her second baby recently, so, it’s only fitting that Sofia Vergara prepare herself for motherhood once again in real life as well.

The 40-year-old actress said yesterday that she has frozen her eggs to ensure some future babies with fiance Nicholas Loeb. “I just wanted to plan ahead,”  she explained.

“My boyfriend Nicky is three years younger than me,” Sofia added. “He’s never had a son. I have my son, Manolo, so it’s not an emergency for me to have another kid, but for Nicky, he’s never had a baby.”

Because of her increasing age, she said she is taking advantage of what science has to offer when it comes to child conception these days. “Nothing happens that naturally anymore,” she admitted. “I wanted to take advantage of science. Why not?”

So, what are Sofia’s specific plans for pregnancy? “Oh, I took [the eggs] out already! They’re in the refrigerator. Hopefully, they’ll be fresh by the time I use them.”

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