David Beckham On H&M Body Double Allegations: “I Can Confirm That’s My Bum!”

David Beckham H&M underwear

David Beckham admits to using a body double in portions of his H&M ad, but confirms that’s his “bum.” And his crotch. Thank goodness.

The immensely hot soccer star appears in a short film for H&M (directed by Guy Ritchie) sporting boxers from his Bodywear range and running through the streets of Los Angeles. Apparently, some of the scenes were shot by a body double due to scheduling issues, but not the important ones, if you know what I mean.

Beckham appeared on the live French television show Le Grand Journal Thursday night and was asked about the body double matter. And he set the record straight:

“No, I can say the crotch is mine and the backside is mine as well,” adding ¬†“I heard this the other day. Someone said that I had a stand-in for my bum, but no, I can confirm that’s my bum.”

H&M also issued a statement clarifying that a body double was used in “smaller parts of the video” due to David’s “tight schedule.”

Watch the short film which started the double body rumors (directed by Guy Ritchie starring David Beckham – H&M Spring Collection):


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