Adam Levine In The Hollywood Reporter On Stupidity of Pop Stars and Reality TV Fame Whores

Adam Levine has always told us exactly what’s on his mind. The sexy rock star and The Voice judge has never held back a word and nothing has changed in the interview which goes along this hot March 15 cover of the Hollywood Reporter.

Here’s the unfiltered version of what the 33-year-old Maroon 5 front man told the mag:

On how The Voice helped him: “The Voice was the first real job I’ve ever had that wasn’t just messing around with music. I don’t really know what happened, but it initiated some kind of mode in my brain. It put me on this trajectory, and I love it.”

On his first thoughts on appearing on a reality show:  “I scoffed at it initially. It’s just a bunch of f–king assholes who are fame whores.”

On people’s perception of him since The Voice began airing: “No one knew what I was really like or whether I had anything to say. … I think that the occasional soccer mom probably thought I was a slut. The show put me in an interesting light to be cross-examined and analyzed by the world at large, and I think that I succeeded in making them like me.”

On being a smart pop star: “As a pop star, you don’t have to be that smart for people to think you’re intelligent. The bar is f–king low; if you have half a brain, they think you’re amazing. So I have that going for me.”

On acting in Can a Song Save Your Life?“I saw it the other day, and I was surprised at how not sh*tty I was. They’ll probably say that I’m a better actor than I am a singer or something. They’ll find some way to f— me with something negative.”

And some lasting words: “I don’t lie, and that’s unusual in a world of media-obsessed, media- trained f–king liars who will sit here with you and totally bulls–t you to further their own careers…I say the wrong thing, I offend people, and I piss people off, all of which I like.”

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