The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2/4 Recap: Dinner & Dancing!

Monday’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (February 4, 2013) is titled Dinner and Dancing”. Below is a full recap of episode # 12:

The ladies are still in Las Vegas helping Brandi launch her stripper classes…oops,
I mean “Brandi’s Night School for Girls,” where ladies can become empowered
through stripping. All of the women get into the spirit and take a spinning on the
pole, but Marisa is having none of it saying, “to me being sexy is being a strong,
successful independent woman who can take care of herself financially. I think
being on a pole does not empower women.” Tough talk from a woman married to a
successful film producer who likely pays most of her bills.

While the ladies are in Vegas, Adrienne is back in the 90210 launching her accessory line. “Of course I would like to be in Vegas but it would just be difficult with Brandi there.” My business is the shoe business, now I’m launching a handbag line; and Brandi’s business is dancing on a pole.” She says this and attempts to raise her eyebrow but her face is pulled so tight it doesn’t really move anymore. “I hope Brandi’s having fun in Vegas, I have a business to run.”

Adrienne also spends time with her husband Paul… she accompanies him to
have laser hair removal treatment on his back. There aren’t enough words in
the dictionary for me to describe how gross this is and how much I wish I could
erase the horror that is Dr. Nassif’s hairy back from my memory, so I will take
this time to discuss Adrienne and Paul’s relationship. We all know that the couple
is now divorced and Adrienne is currently dating Rod Stewart’s son who is 20
years her junior, but I have said since season 1 that Paul and Adrienne hate each
other. Adrienne confirmed my suspicions tonight when she seemed to revel in Paul’s suffering during the laser treatments. Usually people don’t like seeing people they love in pain but Mrs. Maloof was practically giddy as her husband squirmed and screamed while being zapped by a laser. At one point she was actually laughing and said, “If he’s not flinching that that’s not high enough. Paul loves to play the victim, woe is me.” She even suggests to the doctor to turn up the laser, “maybe you can crank it up a little bit.”

The ladies are leaving their pole dancing class and Kim calls her sister Kyle to tell
her that she is having a nose job- in a few hours. Kyle wishes her sister luck and then tells the cameras “it’s not like Kim needs my permission, obviously, to get her nose done, it’s just the fact that she has waited until she is practically on the operating table shows me exactly where our relationship is right now.”

Everyone gathers for dinner, and everything starts off well with all of the women
chatting and laughing. Later of course, talk turns to the feud between Brandi and
Adrienne and all hell breaks loose. I love drama just as much as the next girl but I
really can’t believe that these arguments are being had by women in their 50s. It’s
kind of a mess but I’ll try to break it down.

Camille starts it out by saying that she misses Adrienne and wishes she were in
Vegas with them. Kyle agrees and Yolanda reminds them “she chooses not to be here right now and that’s her choice, period.” Here’s where it gets messy. Supposedly, last year, Brandi called Camille and told her she was nervous because Adrienne wanted to meet with her so they could plan on attacking Lisa during the reunion show. Camille says that Adrienne was upset that Lisa jokingly called her upcoming shoe line “the Maloof hoof” and Adrienne didn’t want that name associated with her brand. Lisa also says that Brandi insists that Adrienne called both Brandi and Camille and Camille told Brandi that she was aware that the Maloofs were going after Lisa at the reunion and Camille denies it. Camille suddenly becomes very upset, “Brandi you’re twisting this now and I don’t appreciate it and I’m going to get really mad. You called me telling me how nervous you were; not about Lisa. That was not the conversation and I’m sticking up for myself now because you’re trying to throw me under the bus and you’re putting words in my mouth and I don’t go for that. I can handle you but I will not stand for it. Stop lying.” Camille walks out, Kyle goes after her and eventually convinces her to come back to the table and rejoin the group.

Brandi says “Camille knew they were going to have a go at Lisa. She spoke to
Adrienne and Kyle; she knew and she was aware but she was upset that I put
her in the middle by saying that you know there was a meeting and there was a
plan. “ Camille returns to the table and says perception is a funny thing and I don’t
remember saying that (code for I did say that but you weren’t supposed to tell
anyone). Camille also claims that Adrienne was upset Lisa didn’t have her daughter’s bachelorette party at the Palms Casino. Brandi puts her foot in her mouth again when she blurts out “Adrienne doesn’t own the Palms, she only owns 2% of it.”

Kyle gets upset and defends Adrienne. That infuriates Lisa who later tells the
cameras “Kyle is very defensive of Adrienne which is lovely, however it would be
nice to see a little of that coming this way. Once again, Kyle stands up for everyone
but me. Sometimes the most hurtful thing is the silence of your friends not the
words of your enemies.” Obviously Lisa is still holding a grudge against Kyle because she did not stick up for her during the reunion when Adrienne accused Lisa of selling stories to the press.

Yolanda has had enough and finally tells Kyle “it’s not your job to defend her
(Adrienne) she should be here. We keep going over and over the same story. We’ve wasted 3 dinners screaming about this. Come on.” Yolanda later tells the camera “Kyle loves to make drama like she’s standing up for Adrienne. Adrienne isn’t in Vegas because she chose not to be so end of discussion stop bringing it up. You’ve said it so many times we know your opinion, lets move on.” Amen to that Yolanda.

Yolanda excuses herself from the table “David sent a private jet to bring me home
early, thank God because I am so ready to go home. My time is precious why did I fly to Vegas to hear a bunch of girls scream at each other. It’s not worth my time.” Gotta love her.

Brandi wonders “why we can’t all just be friends and have our own opinions and
agree to disagree and if I’m having problems with Adrienne that doesn’t involve
anyone else.” Hmmm I wonder why that doesn’t happen Brandi, oh wait I know-
because if it did then Bravo would cancel the show!

Next: Brandi and Adrienne face off!

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