Taylor Swift Makes Dreams Come True For Teen Fan Battling Brain Cancer

Taylor Swift and cancer patientThis is a photo of Taylor Swift making dreams come true for a 17-year-old fan Kayla Kincannon who is battling brain cancer.

This memorable meeting between artist and fan came about when Kayla’s family and friends launched an online campaign to promote the fact that Kayla really wants to meet her idol Taylor.

And obviously, it worked.

Kayla wrote on her Facebook page the day before the meeting that Swift’s mother contacted Kayla and arranged for Swift’s tour bus to pick Kayla and her family up for lunch. After lunch, Kayla tweeted, “Can not believe I just had lunch w @taylorswift13 today, I was enchanted to meet you!”

After the meeting, Kayla’s dad posted on Kayla’s website: “You guys have no idea how awesome this lunch was! This was no quick meet and greet photo opp. We sat and talked to Taylor and her mom for two hours, had lunch and Kayla received a gift basket, then [Taylor] signed pictures!

“She is the sweetest, most down-to-earth person I have ever met! This was more than we ever expected! I’m so thankful to team Kayla, news, and everyone who made her dream come true! This was the best day ever for her and all of us!”

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