Patrick Dempsey Outbids Starbucks for Purchase Of Seattle Coffee Chain

Patrick Dempsey went up against Starbucks (aka ‘Green Monster’) and beat them out in a bidding war for a failing Seattle, WA coffee chain, Tully’s.

The Grey’s Anatomy star paid $9.15 million for the franchise in an auction yesterday but I guess he can offset the high cost by getting his coffee for free for the rest of his life.

“We met the green monster, looked her in the eye, and…SHE BLINKED!” Dempsey Tweeted of his win over Starbucks for the purchase. “We got it! Thank you Seattle!”

The Tully’s chain is comprised of 47 locations throughout the states of Washington and California. So if you are ever in one of those states, stop by Tully’s…you never know …McDreamy may just be the one behind the counter serving your fave cup-o-brew.

Before the auction, Dempsey Tweeted this photo of himself and a Tully’s barista with the caption, “In Seattle, big day tomorrow. Hope we pull it off!”

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