Miley Cyrus Swears Off Gluten, Says It’s Poisoning Her

Miley Cyrus blows a kissMiley Cyrus shows off her svelte body as she blows a kiss in this photo posted by Rad and Refined.

The entertainer took time from her vacay with fiance Liam Hemsworth in Costa Rica to Tweet about her unhappiness with her current diet:

“I now remember why I never eat pizza. It makes me feel like s–t. Glutenized,” she wrote, adding: “Let me clarify ‘s–t’ wasn’t meaning ‘fat.’ I mean sick. Because gluten is poisoning me. Your stomach has a brain too and it hates s–t food.”

Miley explained, “Back to raw tomorrow. Right after these birthday cake Oreos.” I assume the Oreos are for a belated birthday party for Liam who turned 23 earlier this month.

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