Mila Kunis Body Cream Ad Banned in England

Mila-Kunis-lingerieWOAH!! HOLD EVERYTHING!!

There is a body cream on the market that helps you look like the photo to the left.

You got it. You too can look like Mila Kunis without exercise or a healthy diet.

‘Where do I sign up?’ you ask? Well, you can start by looking at claims made by Rodial’s body sculpture cream.

But before you get too excited and go buy ten tubes of the wonder miracle, just know that the ad has have been banned in the U.K. for its misleading claims.

Say it isn’t so!

The deceptive advertisement features Kunis’ underwear shot for her Sexiest Woman Alive Esquire cover [see those sexy pics here] and claims one can “get Mila Kunis’ Esquire look with this intensive formula.” Don’t I wish. I’d kill for her ass alone.

Rodial goes on to say you can “get a body to die for” using their cream which is an “A-list must have.”

When the Advertising Standards Authority got involved to investigate the claims they were not happy with the response they received from the maker on two active ingredients in the beauty product.

So, the advertising watchdog called the ad misleading because “robust evidence” was never presented to prove the effectiveness of the beauty product.

Oh well. So much for easy cures. Back to the grind again.

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