Kendall Jenner To Paparazzi: “Don’t Take Pics Of Me Like I Am A Museum Artifact!”

Well, this is confusing. From the category of things that make you go ‘hmmmm, wait a minute…,” Kendall Jenner, the aspiring model who makes her living by exposing every facet of her life on TV, does not like the paparazzi to take photos of her or her famous Jenner / Kardashian clan without asking.

That’s a weird sentiment coming from someone who seems pretty used to having cameras around all day long.

Or, maybe it’s because paparazzi’s photos of the Jenners/Kardashians are the only times they don’t get paid for their pictures to be used?

This is how Kendall explains it: “there’s nothing that irritates me more than when people take pics of me/my family/ or anyone in this industry and do not ask,” the 17-year-old tweeted.

“don’t sit there taking pics of me as if I’m a statue, or an artifact in a museum. I can see you and it makes me uncomfortable,” Kendall added. “I’m a human being and it’s very rude not to ask. you wouldn’t appreciate it either.”

You’re right. I wouldn’t appreciate it at all. Then again, I don’t expose every intimate detail of my life on TV either.

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