Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 12/10 Recap: “She’s Gone Too Far!”

Tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (December 10, 2012) titled “She’s Gone Too Far” offered a sneak peek at some of the drama that viewers can expect from Lisa’s spin-off show, Sur. Here is a full recap of RHOBH 12/10 episode: Lisa is preparing for a tasting party featuring some of her new menu items at the restaurant. Before the event begins, she chastises one of the servers for being rude to a high power Hollywood agent who was attending a party at the bar the night before.  We also meet Scheana, another waitress at Sur. Scheana had an affair with Brandi’s ex-husband and the current Mr. LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian. At Lisa’s tasting party, Brandi tells the women that Paul and Adrienne asked her to tweet statements in support of them in their twitter war against Lisa and when she refused, Brandi claims the couple tried to intimidate her with a phone call and force her to do it.  Brandi goes on to say that there is one major lie that no one talks about, and everyone knows is true; so Brandi drops the bombshell at the table. The revelation was so explosive that the producers edited and bleeped it out of the show, so viewers are forced to guess what this horrible secret could possibly be. The women all seemed appalled by Brandi’s bombshell, but no one says anything. Kim seems to be the most disturbed. All the girls say it’s something “so private” and personal about Adrienne’s family they are stunned Brandi went that far. UPDATE: CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHAT THE BOMBSHELL IS!

Kyle’s husband Mauricio has a event to celebrate the opening of his new real estate agency. At the party, Brandi says she is not worried about running into Adrienne and Paul because she does not believe the ladies are the type that will run and tattle the second they hear something… Has Brandi met these women? Cut to the next scene, and Kim has made a beeline to Adrienne and Paul and is telling Paul and Adrienne exactly what Brandi said. Again, exactly what was said is cut out so viewers do not know what is going on.  I’m guessing Brandi isn’t the only one Ms. Maloof and her husband threatened with a lawsuit over this supposed bombshell (I’m looking at you Bravo).  According to Paul whatever Brandi said is “a lie, below the belt and character assassination” and in typical L.A. fashion, lawsuits are threatened. Paul is furious and gets rights up in Brandi’s face and calls her a b**ch and a string of other profanities. Taylor looks horrified and notes “that type of anger gets me super nervous.”  Considering what she went through in her own abusive relationship last season, culminating in her husband’s suicide and the abuse allegations Adrienne has hurled at her now ex-husband Paul, she was probably right to be more than a little nervous.

Kyle is horrified that the women are fighting and embarrassing her husband in front of his clients at the party. She coaxes Adrienne and Paul to eventually leave, shouting profanities and threatening lawsuits as they exit.


Next Week- Kim and Kyle are fighting about Kim’s stirring up trouble at the party. Mauricio is also upset at the fiasco his event turned into. Lisa and Kyle are arguing. Kyle’s friend, Faye or as Camille called her during season one, “the morally bankrupt” Faye Resnick returns.

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3 thoughts on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 12/10 Recap: “She’s Gone Too Far!”

  1. I think eventually the producers will reveal the secret, but I think it was screwed up for this to even happen. I think their personal private lives should be kept that way, and Brandi was wrong to tell everyone her secrets. A co-worker of mine from DISH and I both thought this episode was a little more drama than usual. I have so many other shows on Monday nights that having the DISH Hopper allows me not to worry about any DVR conflicts, since I can record up to six shows at once. If I was Kim or any of the other girls I would have said something to Adrienne too. She had a right to know that Brandi was talking about their personal business behind her back. She definitely could have picked a different time to tell her, but I am sure that is how the producers wanted it.

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