Demi Lovato Kicks Out Drug-Rapping X Factor Hopefuls

Demi Lovato throws out drug singer

If you’re going to sing or rap about drugs to get on a singing competition show, don’t do it on The X Factor and certainly not in front of judge Demi Lovato because she will just say no!

Lovato, who has a well-known history of substance abuse herself, is now trying to be a better role model for the kids out there. When two contestants trying out for The X Factor rapped in their audition about “bath salts,” a synthetic powder which has been compared to cocaine and crystal meth (and rumored to be responsible for zombie attacks in Miami), Lovato stopped them dead in their tracks.

“She wasn’t having any of it,” a source present at the Greensboro, NC. auditions said. “She said ‘It’s really irresponsible to be rapping about drugs in front of kids.’ Then they tried to make excuses and Demi said, ‘You talked about bath salts, I heard you.'”  Lovato then asked the rappers to leavethe stage and the source explained “the rest of the judges completely backed her.”

Demi is not the only celebrity speaking up against the improper use of bath salts. President Barack Obama signed new legislation yesterday that bans two chemical compounds in the US which are used to make bath salts.
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