Survivor South Pacific 11/2 Spoilers And Elimination Results

Survivor: South Pacific Season 23 Episode 8 “Double Agent” aired November 2, 2011. Tonight we will find out if Ozzy’s move to get himself voted off of the island was the smartest or the dumbest move ever made on Survivor. Host Jeff Probst called it a “crazy move.” Only time will tell.

Below are live blogging and spoiler results of who is the latest castaway and who won the duel on Redemption Island. If you can’t wait, scroll all the way to the bottom for spoiler results which have not let us down yet this season!

Christine has won five duels in a row. But her luck ended tonight as Ozzy beat her and ended Christine’s game. And just like that, Ozzy is back on the island!

Jeff tells the castaways that the merge is on. Ozzy hopes that Cochran can act as a Double Agent to infiltrate the other team. Coach questions Cochran and he tells Cochran that he does not believe that Ozzy was voted and knows it was a scheme. Coach also attempts to get Cochran on his side by sympathizing with him.Cochran tells the others that he is asked to collect information on them.They guarantee Cochran safety if he jumps ship.

Cochran gives the immunity idol back to Ozzy. There is no more tribe immunity but it is individual immunity. Tonight two people will get immunity, one man and one women. Ozzy wins immunity for the men and Dawn wins immunity for the women.

Ozzy gives his immunity idol to Whitney but there are no votes for Whitney.

Keith (6 votes)

Rick (6 votes)

It is a tie they have to re-vote!
The second time people vote, Keith is voted out. Cochran says, “I swapped, I’ll explain later.”


Keith – Looks like all the spoilers below were right again!
Ozzy wins against Christine in Redemption Island and joins the tribe as the merge takes place. Cochran returns the immunity idol to Ozzy, who also wins immunity. He then gives the idol to Whitney. Cochran joins Upolu unbeknownst Savaii. Keith will be sent to Redemption Island.

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