VIDEO: Elvis Impersonator Nick Voss, One Of The Best Of X Factor Miami Auditions?

Elvis Impersonator Nick Voss X Factor

The first contestant to make it to the next round of The X Factor from the Miami auditions which aired Thursday September 22, 2011 was 21-year old Nick Voss. Nick, a modern-day Elvis impersonator, sang the king’s Trouble.

I am not sure if Nick is as amazing as the judges thought he was, but because he came after 100’s of mediocre to bad singers, Nick was a fresh of breath air to them.

“If this were purely the singing business, I would probably not have great things to say,” began L.A. Reid. He continued, “because this is really the entertainment business and you really brought it into this room, and for the first time today got me excited…I’m impressed.”

Nicole Scherzinger called Nick “Jim Carrey meets Jerry Lee Lewis with a little sprinkle of Elvis,” but she also said, “I dig you.” Paula Abdul told Nick to stay unique and “lose the Michael Jackson choreography.” She also said people pay for the kind of performance he put on.

Simon Cowell simply said, “Nick, I absolutely love you. I am looking for someone who is an entertainer and I really like you.”
Watch the video clip of Nick’s rendition of Elvis’ Trouble below:
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