VIDEO: Lys Agnes Is A Theatrical Tour De Force On AGT

Lys Agnes of America's Got Talent

On the first semi finals episode of America’s Got Talent on Tuesday August 23, 2011, one of the front-runners and the beautiful opera singer with dreadlocks, Lys Agnes, got an unexpected rise out of judge Howie Mandel.

After Lys finished singing Bring Me To Life by EVANESCENCE, Mandel squealed, ‘There aren’t even words to describe your beauty and your looks and your sound… You’re classic beauty and I look at you …do you know what I want to do to you?’ Asked Mandel of Lys.

After Sharon Osbourne called Howie disgusting, Mandel insisted he meant nothing crude by his comments, saying: ‘I want to get her votes!’

Yes, sure Howie, sure!
Sharon Osbourne said Lys ‘took [her] breath away’, adding that ‘your beauty is overwhelming.’

Piers Morgan was finally moved by Lys and called her performance ‘a theatrical tour de force.’ 

This tour de force had stopped singing when her fiances passed away. Each show on AGT, she keeps getting better and better…Watch Lys’ performance below:
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