Terrell Owens Signs With Bengals And Becomes Chad OchoCinco’s Batman [Video]

Child Please.

You did what?

You signed Terrell Owens and placed him on the same  team as Chad Ochocinco? Say what?

Let me get this straight: You now put (49’ers, Eagles, Cowboys, Bills) #81 on the same team that also acts as foster parents to other NFL misplaced and homeless players such as Pacman Jones, Cedric Benson and Tank Johnson? Are you kidding me? Seriously? To all this, I say, a big fat THANK YOU!

Oh, this is going to be a delicious year in football. At least in Cincinnati, the newly-appointed epicenter for what will now be an environmentally-challenged ego-system. I just may have to order NFL Sunday Ticket so I can just sit back, eat my popcorn and watch the most explosive year the NFL will ever experience. And I am not talking about receiving stats. Hell ya, I am ready for some football.

Right now, Ochocinco and Owens have a Twitter love fest going on as each man is displaying a huge man crush on the other. Actually, Ocho has been courting T.O. for months on Twitter. When it became official that T.O. will be a spotted pussycat, the love fest fully blossomed on Twitter:

T.O.: Ocho Uno is coming 2 town!! Hey Robin, Batman will b there soon!
OCHO: OCNNBREAKINGNEWS: Terrell Owens is officially a Cincinnati Bengals, Cincy let’s welcome him with open arms, it’s on now!
OCHO: OCNNBREAKINGNEWS My homeboy is a Bengal, all of our games have been moved to pay-per-view, you got to pay to see this shh!
OCHO:@terrellowens bruh congrats now get your ass here so we can make a game plan over some mcdonalds
OCHO: terrellowens we like batman n robin, siskel n ebert, ying n yang, bonnie n clyde but you’re bonnie though
OCHO: Hey i am ustreaming because i am happy damit! Batman n Robin
OCHO: Dont go in there Batman, its the Joker, Bam, Crunch, i got him Batman, Smash!!!!!!
OCHO: I bet i won’t see all them damn double teams now! Cedric Benson could have a 2,000 yard season with the attention we gonna command
OCHO: @terrellowens dude i got my Bugatti here in Cincy, im picking you up from the airport, ain’t no luggage room though
OCHO: Is anybody else up right now? i am so stoked to go to camp, now when i pick fights with the defense i have help, now i need a batman signal

But seriously, how long do you all think this love fest will last if the Bengals have lets say, back-to-back losses? AND will Ocho really be happy playing Robin to the bad-ass Batman for long on his Gotham City home-turf?

I have met Ocho on a few occasions and he always struck me as a man who has the weight of the world on his shoulders and just wants to be loved by all…what if he doesn’t get that love back from T.O.?

If the Tweet log is any indication, the love fest is already sorta one-sided with Ocho doing most of the loving….I fear for what will happen once this relationship hits the skids..and you know it will like any other reality love show aired before it. Watch this video:


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2 thoughts on “Terrell Owens Signs With Bengals And Becomes Chad OchoCinco’s Batman [Video]

  1. Cant wait for the Dallas/Cincy game. Dallas’ D probably cant wait to have TO on the other side. Jason Witten may even suit up for the D that game.

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